That is chapter select threw me off the fist time too. It is located in a large basin with stone buildings, each of which has a portal to a chapter that the player has already completed. From essential tips, chapter objectives, and potential rewards, this page contains everything you need to know about Alex Hunter’s final journey. Walk into them to turn your cloak and scarf white. Go Back to main page of Journey Cheats, Tips & Secrets . Old Man's Journey is a simple and visually pleasing game, but doesn't offer much in the way of narrative nor challenge. Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Chapter Select" option. Journey Chapter Select option for Journey - PlayStation 4: Chapter Select option; Successfully complete the game. Web. youll figure it out just go there again and look around they are entrances to the chapters. Also yes you do loose your scarf when you chapter select there are 2 symbols there to get you started again before you select a chapter. OR Contact Us Contact. It has 3 Glowing Symbols. Support / Troubleshoot June's Journey Troubleshoot June's Journey. collectables are listed to your right and slightly behind you. The Chapter Select Area is in the area in Journey where the player starts. Ask questions and discuss about Chapter Select option for Journey comments powered by Disqus . June's Journey. Get the "Transcendence" trophy, then play the beginning of the game by using the "Chapter Select" menu. From the center of the starting area, look to the right to find three large cloths coming out of the ground. It contains the area where the player can toggle robes as well as the door to the first actually level of the game. White cloak and scarf.