Whats listed in this post is actual reality. I even got a job offer in US but its unfortunately i lost the chance. Best way to enter this industry is by doing a PG diploma course here or a Mtech course(only from BITS or IITs or NITs). To get that mindset less you don’t have to be in Ivy League. So in conclusion,theres no point in advicing or helping people because forget about listening, they ll scold for even trying to help them. UCLA is a good school. There are shortcomings there too. Secondly your idea of a disclaimer is completely wrong. Completely agree!! !I am from Electrical Engineering(VLSI/Embedded Systems)!My profile is GRE -1320,TOEFL-108 and CGPA-9.42!I feel i could have applied to some better universities.Infosys does provide training before joining ,so the stream really doesn’t matter!My admits as of now is UCinn for Master of Engineering(MEng) and UTD(no aid) for MS!!! If you cant, then you simply pack up and leave. It becomes his responsibility to discuss the real time experiences not some theoretical bullshit. You took a loan. I have read your article today. I have heard that U.S. is one of the best places for studying Psychology. Also, read this awesome article to know about the Various Sectors for civil engineers to Find Jobs in 2020? (While you were at it, why didnt you give us a word count as well?!). So, even from your whole “Face the challenge my dears” sense it doesnt fall short. Will you feel it inappropriate then too or focus on his ideas and lectures? PhD – This is the move for people who want a career in research. If you want to be in VLSI, then a lot of opportunities are there in India. If you set a goal you have to reach the goal you might come across many difficulties, strong hurdles, plenty of risks, sometimes you have to wait for many years…. Put yourself into these shoes and you tell me what is your state of affairs? I’ m looking for MS in USA that’s y. Hi guys , I am currently studying masters in a very decent university with very good faculty in US . When I went to US to present my research paper, I happened to meet one 40 year old Indian, working at a reputed university as a faculty. It will help me to find a path and shape my carrier. That is not how things work always Avinash. Finally masters in US is a failure for me. If you are finding it difficult to get a job, it is always advisable to get into an internship in any company related to your core domain. India is a global semiconductor hub and every major MNC (like TI or Intel) has offices here where substantial design work is done. Some go to the US and find a job without the green card. Though from intern in MS major of the cost will be replenished. This is the internet, everyones hiding here boss. Can you please explain me about this issue. Some of the various opportunities … is you advice to go for it, which are the electronics related fields with good job opportunities in US and with my score can i get schollership in any of the universities? Things have been bright and sunny for many. Sandeep, thanks , your comment is like water in a strangling desert. The article is trying to show the other face of the coin. No doubt, Indians generally have a tendency to not encourage more Indians like them to go abroad and pursue their dreams. This is also, one of the best civil engineering career options. Also, if you are planning to study management studies in overseas countries, the knowledge of foreign languages is a must. Don’t talk as if you have see it all. and the industry is flowering with these new businesses. But America isnt a Utopian society. India is now emerging market in global scenario and major outsourcing is done in India.Plenty of jobs are available through campus interview which we can not dream in USA. So please stop looking at US news rankings to decide on a university, unless you make it to an Ivy league school, because, frankly speaking you’re employers don’t give a rats ass about which university your from! Hope you will reply. so your exp will not helpful, however being in TCS, you will get good networking and you will have a ease on getting internship but that’s very specific. what are the chances of mine for good university and also job opprtunity after ms from a good university there