This recipe was easy, and the brownies were indeed very fudgy and the top was crackly as promised. At first, I was skeptical to believe that these were the best brownies in the world, but after carefully reading how you prepare them and the amount of thought and passion put into it. They were moist and fudgy. I decided to use a whole big bar of chocolate and broke some pieces small and other bits left big and it’s perfectly gooey for these brownies, would recommend that! I only have Splenda brown sugar mix, do you think this will be okay to use in place the white sugar? I have a question about cup size. Enjoy! Thank you so much for following along with me and sharing! Do reply! The edges smelled like they’d caught, but when they were finally done I was happy to find they weren’t burnt at all. I would recommend canola oil for these brownies. Have you ever attempted this? I am so happy to have my skepticism lying in tatters on my cutting board . Possibly the best! Everyone said it was just plain awesome. The marshmallows rose to the top and made a kind of sticky caramel that was perfect. I usually combine natural cocoa and Dutch processed and I get a color like yours in the picture. I used a brownie pan, meaning it’s similar to a muffin pan, but instead of a round shape they are square so everyone can have a corner piece. I was a little short on cocoa powder so to make up for it, I added a little instant espresso granules. Not only did the children’s mother give me the brownie recipe, she also told me about So glad to hear! XO. They are absolutely incredibly fudgy the next day AND the day after that, and even stay fudgy after freezing them OR eating them cold out of the refrigerator up to a week later. I’ve made these for many people who go crazy over them. I’M SO HAPPY THEY TURNED OUT FOR YOU! I found that 25 minutes was just not enough time, but you know what they say, good things come to those who wait. Hope they tasted good for you! Thank you so much. This will be my go to recipe from now own. You could try adding baking powder, about 1/2tsp per egg replaced. Thanks so much for following along with me! He said, “Mmmmmm, impressive, much better than my mom’s.” !I made it twice and I couldnt get the crunky top, Not sure if it could be because any of the things I write below. Made these tonight recipe as written in an 8×12 pan. I am so glad that you like them. light brown or dark brown sugar? Thanks so much for working so hard on this! (The first batch was too sweet to my liking, but my friends loved it nonetheless!) Do you think use 2 Tbsp cocoa powder, add 1/2 tsp of instant coffee, 1 tsp of white vinager will be ok? Being out of white sugar, I substituted brown. Amazing brownies. Then I baked it in cupcake tins, 25 mins on top rack. just leave it in for the same time, if it doesn’t come out done, then stick it back in for longer. Using salted butter ups the salt content. Also super easy!!! OMG, best brownies ever!!! I have Celiac and was able to change out the flour for a gluten free baking flour with much success. Reply. I cannot say enough on how tasty they were. Kosher, table? The pictures looked so beautiful that I was tempted to try out this recipe. I have tried this several times already and it always turned out perfect! The brownies look wonderful! Where do i get the actual recipe? I cant wait until they’re cool to eat them. I think doubling the recipe would be too much batter for a 13×9. Thank you so much! The baking powder wouldn’t be necessary, it would make it cakey, and the point is to have a fudgy brownie. Hello! One question I do have – the most recent time I made these brownies, I used a electric mixer to mix the wet batter instead of whisking by hand and after I baked them they didnt have that crackly top (I folded the dry ingredients in with a spatula). They are so perfect. The end result was great, fudgy inside with crisp crackly top! I just made these this morning to bring to my doctor’s office. I had to bake them for 30 minuets in an 8×11 pan, but they were definitely fudgy perfection! However, the 23 minute baking did not work for me – after 23 minutes it was still liquid. Yummmmm Well, I did some more researching, and what I found was only to sub one or two eggs with applesauce. I am thinking to try this with a layer of Oreos in the middle. Family loved them! Tonight I’m going to see if I keep the glass pan in for 40 min at 350 how it goes. Chelsey thank you so much for your feedback! They took longer to bake (as expected, I believe it was about 55 min all in), and because I am using a metal pan I turned the temperature down to 325f (162c).