The interior of those cookies looks TO DIE FOR! I just made these again last week too. Hi Silvia! I’m glad y’all both enjoyed them! Thanks for leaving a rating! Granted, I don’t remember that being present in the original cookies we had in Italy, but was a really nice attribute of the first batch of cookies I made! Today, they look just like your picture and the taste is a little more subtle, but divine. They’re only about $6 so totally worth the investment! Ovens vent out steam so they’re good at drying things out. It’s a quest. They are like little almondy marshmallows. Well, mine aren’t nearly as pretty as pictured (sadly, the dough was quite sticky to roll into balls. Thanks for the tip on freezing! (In the case of the cookies, I found without pre-cracking the dough, it will mostly crack on the bottoms of the cookies rather than the tops, which isn’t nearly as pretty), I did several rounds of recipe testing to get these just right for you! Ricciarelli (and amaretti morbidi) are my favorite, and I was excited to try making them myself! best almond cookies i have ever had and have been baking for 40 years and have tried most of them. Roll it lightly on a work surface dusted with confectioneers sugar. I am keto so I bake a lot with almond flour already and LOVE almond flavored cookies. I lightly squeezed each cookie from opposite corners until I was satisfied with the cracks I could see forming in the tops of the unbaked cookies. Your comment was the nicest thing I’ve read in a long time, Victoria! But when I tried to bake them they were too dry, which might be because I think I used to wrong almond flour. Hands down: holy amazingness. Pre-crack the shell by squeezing the cookies slightly from opposite corners. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), slice the top of your bread dough before baking, Novel Recipes: Summer Reading You Can Sink Your Teeth Into, Ham and Pimento Cheese Tea Sandwiches with Pickled Okra Garnish, Potsticker Nachos with Baked Sesame Ginger Wonton Chips, Fideos: Toasted Angel Hair Pasta with Crab and Habanero Cream Sauce, Hot Roast Beef Sandwich with Brie and Tomato, Homemade Earl Grey Marshmallows with honey. Jodi, this recipe really requires almond flour, which is finely ground almonds. If you attempt to make them the day before they will all be eaten and you’ll have to make them again. Whip egg whites and lemon juice together with a stand mixer or hand mixer until stiff peaks form. You explain things well imho. I did study abroad for a semester and lived in Siena, and I was disappointed that I couldn’t find these cookies anywhere to buy after coming back to the US. I’m not well-versed in sugar replacements so I wouldn’t be able to tell you for sure, but this powdered monkfruit sweetener (affiliate link) says it’s a 2:1 substitute for powdered sugar. We first I live in Tennessee and it is quite humid here already but the cookies cracked after about 1 hour 15 minutes. While cookies are drying, preheat oven to 300 degrees. Thanks. The meringue shell, perfectly cracked, is to die for, and the chewy marzipan-like center is sure to send you straight to heaven – I will be making them weekly (following your recipe) for the rest of my life!!! The first time I made these, the dough was practically drying out by the time I got them on the cookie sheet and cracked very easily on their own. Great suggestion! Thanks so much for commenting, Jennifer! I’ve made these twice now and very delicious! Not the perfect chewy texture with just a bit of crispness on the edge anymore, but a bit more crumbly. Make sure to sift it before use to avoid any lumps. Who doesn’t love almond and orange together and a chewy cookie? You could probably substitute another nut-based flour like coconut flour but not all-purpose, since it is another finely-ground nut. Thanks so much for leaving a review! Thanks. I had this treat in an Italian bakery recently and the first thing i did when i got home was find a recipe for it. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn a commission. I may have to spend my afternoon making cookies! They thawed out perfectly and were the hit of the cookie exchange. I made these cookies for Christmas twice, because we ate them all the first time lol. Great for my New year’s Eve. Exactly what I was looking for! Hope this helps! Loved the chewy soft texture in the middle with the crunch of the shell! The cookies on my last try were not as good as the first ones. They’re some of my favorites! It was really difficult trying to save any of the cookies for more than a couple days! I’m so glad you liked the recipe! I just made them for my work’s cookie exchange, and they were a huge hit! I just made these for an office holiday party and they were a big hit, and that’s against a pretty high standard because I bake a lot of fancy treats for my coworkers. Dear Caroline: I was in siena in September and found this cookie. These are awesome. Once I get this having-a-newborn thing down hopefully I can work on new video content. I might add that your instructions are succinct and very descriptive so it’s pretty hard to mess up. When I got married in 2017, a group of my friends bought a bunch of cookies from New England bakeries for a cookie table, and this cookie was easily the best. It’s really hard to part with them to share with others because I want to eat them all! Tricia. Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Cookie Policy | Use Policy. Tasty too! Thanks for your comment! Allllllll those interesting flavors of gelato. So glad you and your family like the recipe! I loved it, my picky husband who is less a fan of lemons, less so. Cheers. Even my husband, who does not like almond very much, enjoyed the cookies. Making some to share with MIL who is also diabetic for Christmas. You can always leave them out longer before baking to help them out if you are in an especially humid environment! If you have a kitchen scale you can check each piece by weight. All suggestions most appreciated! That’s what it is. Dust your hands with confectioners sugar and take a good chunk of the dough. Was amazing the different in qtys. He is grateful for the reminder. I think the really potent almond flavor helped me stand out against the typical holiday shortbread, sugar, ginger and chocolate flavors. Thank you so much for sharing!! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. Thank you! They are a distant, and much less fussy, Italian cousin to the French macaron — perfect with tea or coffee! Question, what is ‘powdered sugar for coating cookies’?