These include: 1. While there was great anticipation on how students will re-invent the marketplace as they enter their careers, there were three huge issues that sobered every attendee. Youth are also exposed to negative lifestyle factors associated with serious diseases such as tobacco use (7.3 percent of youth aged 15-24) and alcohol consumption (14.2 percent of youth aged 11-18). Understanding generational differences can improve family communication. A recent research paper by the Health Foundation raises serious concerns about the negative forces that may be adversely affecting … I felt these issues would be helpful and relevant to you as you develop students. The rate of single-parent families has been increasing since the 1950s, and women are typically the primary caregivers of children, meaning that mothers must both work full … The biggest problem that youth face today is single-parent households that do not maintain an adequate income. New research looks at key issues affecting young people’s health Posted 13th December 2018 & filed under Blog , Health , Mental health , Young people . However, this article is not Problems faced by the youth today only about the elite, the privileged. Why Do Today's Youth Seem So Different? This are but a few of their problems. In addition to these, today’s youth are afflicted by new challenges. Employment creation Posted May 01, 2018 They worry about the long-term effects of continuous or extreme exposure and wonder what action, if any, to take. i. Over the last decade, youth related issues were brought into the national agenda by the Peruvian government, which developed different tools and policies to address youth needs and rights. In our society, unfortunately, there are many young people who cannot even afford to go to school. Key Issues affecting Youth in Peru Policy and Legislation . I recently attended a symposium on how our youth are faring in our world today. The level of alcohol consumption among Cambodians aged 15-19 is among the highest in ASEAN, while about 42 percent of males aged 15 to 19 are current drinkers (27 percent for the females). All over the world, parents and carers, teachers and medical professionals are expressing concern about how media impacts youth and children. Most of the problems facing today’s youth are not restricted to any one ethnic or religious group, but affect young people generally. Challenges Facing Kenyan Youth The youth have been facing have been facing a lot of challenges in the past years hence barring them from achieving their full potential in the society. Most discussions on youth have focussed on issues such as drug abuse, crime, violence, sexuality and poverty.