I walk the streets to shop at the souk “Shopping malls” Dine in nice restaurants. However, Syria has been caught up in serious warfare and it is, at this point, so dangerous to visit it that it has become impossible to visit the country as it is essentially a war zone. No part of Syria is safe from violence. Bloggers and vacationers, as much as we hope we don’t get duped, just don’t have the capacity or more importantly, the humility, for this kind of work. Syria is now a war zone and as such, should be avoided at all costs. Comparing the Seasons, Planning a Trip to Jerusalem : Your Ultimate Checklist, Jordan Desert Wadi Rum | Facts about this Mars-like Destination. And when they don’t have the ability to accurately explain situations, they have a code of ethics to fall back on to determine what needs disclosures and what information is fit to print. The choas left behind 2011–2017 is beyond repair. Journalists, especially war correspondents, have high ethical standards to meet and receive training on how to unravel the truth from the propaganda. Imagine their pain watching tourists say the war is over and that it’s safe while bombs still kill innocent civilians. The Instagram coverage of Syria is cringeworthy as influencers exploit Syria for their travel street cred. You should, just in case, double-check your change and agree upon a price before making a deal with someone, whether it's a taxi driver or a merchant. Women aren't safe in Syria. It is currently probably the most dangerous destination in the world. However, the question remains how much of that is left of Syria, given the fact that it is being destroyed for years and devastated by the raging war. Since the government controls the tours, untrained writers and travelers play-acting as journalists are not in a position here to see anything “real” or “authentic.”. If you're in Syria currently, try and find a way to get out of it, if at all possible. I am an American woman and I travel to Damascus Syria every year. How Safe Is Syria Really? Despite a tourist’s desire to avoid politics, they ARE taking sides by visiting and their actions ultimately hurt people. Syria is emphatically not safe for tourists. I wouldn’t say its bad for muslim people, they hate americans so i wouldnt recomend us going. Syria is extremely dangerous for everyone. Chances are extremely high that Syria will be targeted by terrorists while you're there - if you intend to go there. Latest travel advice for Syria including how to stay safe during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and information on returning to the UK. Log in. Maybe for tourists, but not for actual Syrians. Before this, it was a country of great natural diversity and with plenty of archeological sites worth visiting. DON’T IGNORE THE DANGERS OF THIS COUNTRY. Safe? Where was this interest in Syria before 2011? When a place is still in conflict like Syria is, only trained professionals have the capacity to come in and get as much information as possible to explain the real situation on the ground. It’s not so dangerous that I wouldn’t consider suggesting a visit. It legitimizes a government that is responsible for the biggest humanitarian crisis of this generation. Violent crimes in Syria do exist but are not too common, again, due to the fact that the country is a war zone and every day is a fight for survival. The war is NOT over. Women aren't safe in Damascus. « Christmas in Jordan : Amman Christmas Markets and Holiday Traditions, Winter In Jordan | What to Expect, Where to Go, What to Do », 1 millionth visitor to Petra in November 2019, The Foreign Invasion of the Travel Blogger, Syrias’s Tourism Industry is Making a Comeback: But it is controversial, When is the Best Time to Go to Egypt? Traveling to Syria is extremely strongly discouraged because of the on-going raging conflict and war that has been going on for 7 years now and has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.