So far, only one elastane manufacturer has received this certification, but it's likely that more international manufacturers will rapidly follow suit. At the time, IG Farben didn't intend to use polyurethane for apparel, but the DuPont Corporation essentially inherited the will of this legendary German company after World War II, and DuPont's pioneering research into the properties of polyurethane eventually led to the recognition that it could be used to make extraordinarily elastic fabrics. At worst, the fibers will be damaged by the heat of the dryer and your clothing will be ruined. Hot water should be avoided as elastane like other stretch material is similar to plastic. At worst, the fibers will be damaged by the heat of the dryer and your clothing will be ruined. The fabric was invented by a German during the Nazi era, 1937 to be exact, by Otto Bayer. Most of these production processes have been discarded as inefficient or wasteful, and solution dry spinning is now used to produce approximately 95 percent of the world's spandex supply. The primary purpose of polyurethane was as a replacement for rubber, which was only available from certain types of trees and, therefore, was subject to unexpected price fluctuations and was sometimes hard to obtain. For instance, it's been found that nearly 60 percent of the trash found in marine environments is composed of non-biodegradable clothing fibers, which means that elastane and similar fabrics contribute significantly to the giant islands of trash that float through the oceans and the debris found in inland waterways. "Spandex" is an anagram of "expands.". It is possible if you use the wrong water temperature. Connect with Boris on LinkedIn. Another method you can try is to use fabric weights. It was created to replace the rubber. Some amount of elastane fabric is still made in the United States, but the vast majority of the global supply of this substance is made overseas. On the other hand, research has indicated that the increased incidence of cancer related to this workplace exposure is negligible. Elastine is the European term for spandex and lycra is a synonym of both. The elastane will shrink at best. No matter which name is used the stretch fibers used … While Lycra, spandex, and elastane are all the same material, regional variants of the term "elastane" are most commonly used to refer to this type of fabric in continental Europe. This is hard to say exactly as different forms of elastane may stretch different ways. This type of fabric is also called spandex, and its primary attribute is its incredible elasticity. That will relax the fibers and help them stretch out to your normal size. Stretch denim jeans seem to be the fad these days but those jeans will only stretch so far before the elastane fails and refuses to snap back. But like we have continually said, you are taking a big chance trying to shrink something made with elastane. Unlike other synthetic fabrics, like nylon, this substance isn't commonly made into plastics, but it is present in many different kinds of consumer apparel. This may not be a big deal if there is only about 5 or 10% of elastane content. That means you have to be careful how you wash it. Next, this solution is diluted with a solvent to make it thinner and easier to handle, and it is then placed inside a fiber production cell. This cell spins to produce fibers and cure the elastane material. These twisted fibers can be made in a variety of thickness options, and every elastane fiber in apparel or other applications is actually made from many tiny strands that have undergone this twisting process. This fabric is formed from a variety of different fully synthetic components, and it isn't considered to have a significantly negative environmental impact. Elastane is stretchy, easy to maintain, light, and pleasant to the skin, so in terms of appearance and characteristics, it’s ok.  • November 27, 2020 • 9 min read. Or you can use baby shampoo and soak the material for about 30 minutes using the shampoo and warm water. Some examples of the names used to denote this fabric include: The scope of the negative impact caused by elastane is debatable. Since the primary components of this fabric are formulated in a lab setting, acquiring the raw materials for elastane isn't considered to be an environmentally degrading process. That means that a cotton and elastane blend will stretch when you need it to stretch. But if there are large amounts of this fabric in your clothing items, then you will have to repurchase those clothing items eventually. This combination also keeps the breathability factor at optimum levels. (List of Microwave Safe Fabrics), Does Wool Burn? The name "spandex" is an anagram of the word "expands". There is nothing wrong with cleaning clothing the old fashioned way. 20% Elastane Fabric Adults Swim Cap - Red/Black. However, plenty of other companies around the world make this fabric without trademark restrictions. As long as good manufacturing practices (GMPs) are used during the production of elastane, it is not likely that the manufacture of this product will cause significant environmental impact. But you cannot add too much heat or you risk melting the plastic fibers used to make this fabric. Can You Microwave Fabric? A lot depends on the fabric elastane is blended with as well. Italian Made Floral Print Cotton Elastane Fabric Black White Green 150cm. This means that you can use a Lycra and Spandex viscose blend in the same way since those names refer to the same material. But again, we must warn you there is no way to control the shrinking when you do this. (2019 Cost Analysis), Which Countries Have the Best Clothing Manufacturers(Industry Research), Garment Labelling Requirements for Clothing (Full Guide), 7 Best Ways You Can Promote Your New Clothing Brand Online, How Clothes Are Made In 9 Steps (A Look Into A Big Clothing Factory), How To Do a Successful Fashion Photoshoot (Best Tips 2019), Best Tips on Starting A Clothing Line (From 40+ Expert Fashion Designers), Top Fashion Trade Shows to Attend & How To Prepare for an Exhibit, How to Become a Fashion Designer in 2019 (new complete guide), Fashion Apprenticeships - How They Can Boost Growth In Your Business, Fashion Tech Pack - Avoid Manufacturing Errors (Ultimate Guide Book), Tights, socks, competitive athletic wear, cycling wear, leggings, shorts, yoga pants, motion capture suits, underwear, bras. About 60 minutes in the dryer should do it if you use cold water wash. The best place to get your answer is on the cleaning labels of the clothing you buy that has elastane included in its construction. Since elastane is a purely synthetic fabric, it is not eligible for non-GMO or organic certification. The main issue with elastane fabric from an environmental perspective is its biodegradability; fabrics made with this substance do not break down over time in nature, and they gradually accumulate in the environment. What is Baize Fabric: Properties, How its Made and Where, What is Angora Wool Fabric: Properties, How its Made and Where, What is Coolmax Fabric: Properties, How its Made and Where. One thing is for sure though, if you use your dryer to dry elastane included clothing, etc., do not use high heat. The strands are then bundled together as they exit the cylindrical spinning cell with a compressed air device that twists them.