This is because it has the accuracy tolerance of nearly ± 2°C/3.5°F due to its much bigger temperature range, which cannot keep the body temperature reading with high accuracy. And then simply press and release the center button. When cleaning, just meticulously wipe the lens first and then the main body of the thermometer. Stand to the side so your body heat doesn’t reflect off the 4180 target and into the DUT thermometer. Distance-to-spot ratio is the surface area being able to be detected compared to the distance taken from the target. The more infrared energy, the hotter the thermopile gets. Keeping the thermometer clean and dry is in favor of getting accurate temperature reading since infrared thermometers are easily affected by moisture and dirt. Warning: Never utilize soap or chemicals to clean. Nowadays, the majority of infrared thermometers for medical use are powered with multifunctional settings to meet the variety of using needs and preferences such as temperature unit switch, multifunctional modes and memory recall. Firstly, check if your infrared thermometer gun supports switching temperature unit. Before taking a measurement, remove dirt or hair from the forehead area. In short, it's of great necessity to make sure all necessary preparations have been made before using the thermometer. This heat is turned into electricity. You can clean it around every six months. If the targeted person has a fever, the gun will display red backlight and ring urgent beep. Braun is also the No.1 thermometer brand used among doctors*. If using no touch method, position up to 5cm away if using NTF3000, 2.5cm if using BNT400, each using the proximity sensor and aiming light. When using it, it's advisable to adjust all the settings to the optimal state, point to the optimal body part and keep it close to the target. Make sure to move hair away from forehead and wait 10 minutes before taking a measurement. 3. During measurement, the testing person should keep the head of the infrared thermometer aligned with the forehead center of the tested person and slightly above the eyes. Using an ear thermometer could result in discomfort or pain. Forehead thermometers measure the infrared energy emitted from the skin. Because taking temperature in the ear is so gentle, easy and fast, it is a popular site for taking measurements among parents. Foreheard thermometers rely on infrared energy to get their readings, which radiates from the patient’s forehead. Then you need to wait for the thermometer to dry completely before using it. Press the Temperature button to take a measurement. Now aim the infrared thermometer gun at the optimal body part of the targeted person which you want to measure and then pull the trigger to view the accurate temperature reading on the digital display within seconds. In addition to the body temperature measurement, the majority of infrared thermometer guns for medical use are also able to be applied to detect the surface temperature of objects like water, food as well as surroundings like rooms. Now everything about how to use an infrared thermometer for detecting the body temperature is in focus. Forehead thermometers measure the infrared energy emitted from the skin. Before entering into the temperature detecting process, make sure the infrared thermometer is free of dirt, dust, frost, moisture and smoke. Using the forehead to take temperature is a gentle way to monitor a fever. This is a physiological difference which occurs naturally, and is important to keep this in mind when taking a reading. Currently in the battle to the new coronavirus epidemic, they have been broadly used to scan a large number of people at public areas to achieve quick, non-contaminated as well as precise temperature measurement. However, scanning the forehead may make the temperature reading less accurate. If you also have any confusion, keep reading to find the step-by-step instructions of how to properly use an infrared thermometer for body temperature measurement.