These questions all give very similar answers. The impact of quantum computing on cryptography. Quantum computing is not an incremental improvement on existing computers It's an entirely new way of performing calculations, and can solve problems in a single step that would take traditional computers years or even longer to solve. Quantum Computing Technologies Market research report is the new statistical data source added by A2Z Market Research. When it comes to the impact of quantum computing on cybersecurity, though, one thing is certain: it will pose a threat to cybersecurity and our current forms of encryption. Because quantum computing speeds up prime number factorization, computers enabled with that technology can easily break cryptographic keys by quickly calculating or exhaustively searching secret keys. The aim of this paper is to elucidate the implications of quantum computing in present cryptography and to introduce the reader to basic post-quantum algorithms. As quantum computing evolves and becomes more and more of a valuable business tool, it will undoubtably be brighter on the radar screen of cyber attackers and espionage agents. The theft and sale or use of the high-value information resulting from quantum computing problem solving will likely become a high value commodity on the black market and dark web. Actually, we can do even better. Traditional computing uses a base-two numerical system that follows set operations and processes and communicates data using bits. How does it differ from classic computing? Why were computers invented at all? The increasing interest of the individuals in this industry is that the major reason for the expansion of this market”. However, quantum computers will eventually be able to break current RSA encryption. “Quantum Computing Technologies Market is growing at a High CAGR during the forecast period 2020-2026. Why do Intel and AMD spend billions of dollars in research and development for faster processors? Quantum computing combines quantum physics, computer science and the theory of information – and most experts agree it has the potential to impact the future of digital business and security. While this power is great in a number of fields, it also makes certain types of computer security techniques trivial to solve. To mitigate that threat we need to change how we keep our data secure and start doing it now.