Another example of the impact of religion on philosophy and culture is the belief of the Romans on different gods. INTRODUCTION. It also relates to other factors such as politics, economics, and family interactions. Religion is an aspect that shapes culture. It is a monotheistic religion, centred on the life and death of God’s son Jesus Christ (Deresky, 2014). Religious people are usually dumb and follow whatever their religion or godmen tells them to do. When it comes to religion and culture, people choose to observe related customs and practices in a variety of ways—and sometimes, not at all. While religion affects cultures (Beckford & Demerath, 2007), it itself is also affected by culture, as religion is an essential layer of culture. Recognizing the influence of religion and culture on Indian women’s lives, Streevani took the initiative to organize a National Consultation on the theme “Impact of Religion and Culture on Women’s Empowerment – An Indian Perspective” from 23rd to 26th September, 2016 at Hyderabad. BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY. Venus replaced Aphrodite, being the goddess of love and eauty and Ares, the Greek god of war was called Mars among the Romans. The Romans adopted the Greek gods and deities like Zeus, who became Jupiter among the Romans. Thousands of people are killed in terrorist attacks that happen in the name of religion. Regardless of the religion or culture with which people associate, there is a potential for religion and culture to impact our actions. In this paper, Christian values are defined as those ideals or principles which Christianity cherishes. IMPACT OF CHRISTIAN RELIGION ON CULTURE. These are well-known and appreciated, especially in Nigeria society. The main objective of this study is impact of Christian religion on culture. CHAPTER ONE. In this presentation, my aim is not to dwell on the unique worth of Christianity or its values. The Christian religion dates back to more than 2,000 years ago. The following section describes how those two religions and their ethics impact on international business. One is the Marxist approach of Karl Marx. This section examines the impact of religion on culture. I think religion has more negative impact than positive on our society. There are two main approaches to religion, shaping religion-culture interactions.