A paired bulb no longer shows up in the IKEA app. Light sources can become out of sync when you interact the main power switches (wall or lamp switches) with just part of your connected light bulbs, e.g. If your bulb is disconnected from the Tradfri Gateway, you may need to repair it using the Remote. It seems like the calibration for the TRADFRI color temperatures is off. You can’t pair the bulbs using the associated app. You might be trying to pair the Remote too far away from the bulb. When TRADFRI bulbs are in an iConnectHue room and you turn the room on or off, the real Hue lamps have a nice on and off fade, where as the TRADFRI lamps don't. TRÅDFRI wireless dimmable, white spectrum, LED bulb GU10 400 lumen. Let’s cut to the chase….here are my steps to painless use of Tradfri bulbs with Hue. Pairing Ikea Trådfri with other smart hubs. when you turn one light bulb in a group OFF with the power main switch and change the rest of the light bulbs in the group to another state, the turned-off light bulb will be out of sync when turning it on again with the power main switch. Buy (or borrow) a Tradfri gateway, dimmer (or other steering device, as Ikea calls them) and bulb(s). I now have three 1000 lm Tradfri bulbs in my home setup for spaces that would otherwise be too dim using Hue lights. Instead of the 3 whites you can choose in the IKEA app (or with the remote), you can choose any shade of white. This bulb allows you to choose between 3 colours and change from warm to cold light – and dim so you can adapt the light to different activities. Now it's really easy for anyone to use smart lighting. Part 1 – Tradfri Setup. Besides Philips Hue bulbs, there are other hubs that can accommodate the Ikea Trådfri bulb, without necessarily having to work with an Ikea Trådfri Gateway.Just look for smart hubs that are available on the Zingbee board and follow the guidelines outlined here to see if things will work as expected.