However, every few months I cook a barbeque Sunday lunch and invite both my friends and family around. One particular friend, who I believe would be a truly great friend and completely reliable, is hard to find but will remain my buddy for a long time while many other friends would be for a short span of time. IELTS Speaking Part 1 : Hometown, Village, Living place, City, Tourism, Country IELTS Speaking Part 1 : Home, Family, Friends (Question-Answer) Cue Card 2020 #19: Describe a uniform you wear (at your school or company) Q. Q. If I’d had the chance to read this book 7 years ago, my job would be very different now." With the pre-test introduction complete, the actual test will start and you’ll be marked on everything you say from now on. The easiest way to add extra information to a simple answer is to include an explanation. 'Gucci Premiere Eau De Parfum' that she gave me was expensive and I really appreciate her gift. practising your speaking skills that your English will improve and your confidence grow. In this 3-part blog series, we will show you the most common topics that appear on IELTS Speaking exams.We will list the topics in full and give you examiner questions and candidate answers to demonstrate how you can score band 7+. The note that a piano produces is so delightful and melodious. Q. Which instrument do you like listening to the most? The final sentence, about where the speaker would like to visit next, is not strictly necessary, but is in context with the question so is fine. As dining out in a restaurant offers my mom plenty of time to socialise rather than getting stuck in the kitchen, my father and I often insist her to go to an eatery on occasions like wedding anniversaries and birthdays. Do you enjoy looking for gifts for people? [Why/Why not? [Why/Why not?]. Currently, I hardly see my friends at all as I spend all my spare time studying for my IELTS exam. Regards - Kumar. I’ve wanted to learn English since I was very young. Q. Q. I do not go out with all of my friends. IELTS Speaking Practise Questions – FREE Download. Q. Q. Part 2 Planning Strategy - Method 2: â€˜brainstorming’ + planning notes & sample answers. Q. I prefer my speaking partner to be a girl, btw. Do you think children should learn to play a musical instrument at school? You are bound to be nervous during your test, especially at the start. Extended answer: I used to socialise with my friends every day but I don’t see them so often now that I have a baby and can’t go out in the evenings so much. Slow, deep breaths can help. Don’t make this mistake. ]Answer:  Yes, I most often buy a gift on such an occasion. It is expected that the examiner will introduce him/herself first and ask your name and then ask you to confirm your identity. It is only by We make friends during this phase of life very innocently and without any expectation from them. [Why?]. You'll find ]Answer: Bicycles have far more benefits than cars except for the fact that a car is faster. [Why/Why not? Q. I have heard from my mother than my father brought a baby-name-book even before I was born. [Why/Why not?] go to the park to play football or chill out. Apart from that, I like buttered popcorn, pizza, Indian Masala dosa, Mexican Tacos, doughnuts and sandwich - a mixture of many foreign food items actually. to create your own answers to the question “. IELTS Speaking Part 1: Topics, Questions & Samples. Hassan also has a good command of the English language but he doesn’t actually answer the question. Some of the common topics and question that you can expect to encounter in your speaking test part 1 are given below for your preparation for the test. IELTS Speaking Part 1: Questions and Answers. [Why?] She calls me a few times each day whenever I am out and I can tell her virtually anything. I wish I had found your website earlier because I wasted a lot