How to Remove Acrylic Nails. When acrylic gets soften and dissolve, using wooden stick scrape acrylic gel off the nails. Using the coarser 100-180 grit side of the dual-sided nail file, file the surface of each nail to create a rough area, which will allow the acetone to better penetrate the acrylics. Add a little sugar and a few drops of alcohol into a small bowl and stir until well mixed. Soak, file, repeat — and be patient. Take care that you don’t scrape off nail plate. Is it possible to remove gel polish without acetone? No acetone method. Every proper removal of gel polish includes using acetone. It's easy, cheap and effective. Remove Acrylic Nails with Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Photo source: Beautyepic Using acetone-free nail polish remover will take longer to remove your acrylic nails but is safe and effective.. You will need a bottle of acetone-free nail polish remover, a tweezer, a bowl, a nail clipper and a file.. Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin November 26, 2020 Things You Will Need. How to remove your gel manicure and pedicure quickly at home without damage. Step -3. If you still see any acrylic gel, even after scraping then dip your nails in the acetone free solution. It will take a little time, but if you plan to avoid acetone, your regular nail polish can also help you get acrylics off. Using nail buffer to remove remaining acrylic gel. If you want to leave your nails perfectly clean without having to resort to acetone and also have a bit of time to do so, then the best solution is to make the following homemade nail polish remover.To do this, you need only two ingredients: isopropyl alcohol and white sugar. Remove Gel and Acrylic Manicures - Take care of your nails once it's time to remove your gel or acrylic manicure. Begin by cutting off your acrylic nails with the pair of nail tip clippers; make sure to get as close to your real nails as possible without actually snipping them. Acetone-free nail … How To Remove Acrylic Nails Without Acetone Method 1 – Removal Of Acrylic Nails Using Acetone-Free Nail Polish. Proper removal of gel polish results in undamaged clean nails. However, you may be in a situation where you want to remove your gel polish fast and you do not have acetone. Acrylic removal is tedious. Step -4. You will need some acetone, tinfoil and some nail polish remover!