She is also an in-demand speaker. If it’s not obvious what your major was, you can also include “jor” before you list your degree. If you are an older worker and concerned about age discrimination, you can leave the dates of attendance blank; this is optional information. All-Star profiles are profiles that are 100% complete and may perform better in search. Finally, for dates attended, if you’re still attending this institution, simply fill in your expected graduation date. Scroll to the Education section of your profile and click the pencil (edit) icon to edit a pre-existing school or select + Add Education to add a new school. Your major is in addition to the degree; it can be added to the phrase or written separately. You should also list any vocational education, certification courses, and any other stint at an educational institution that matters to your career or personal direction. For your degree type, you can either provide an abbreviation (BS, BA, and so on) or write the entire degree name (Masters of Science, Doctorate, and so on). In either case, you can go back to make sure that your profile is up to date and lists all your education. Some people ask how much education to list on their profiles. Next, add information on your major(s). At Texas Tech, only the College of Arts & Sciences requires its student to add a minor to their intended major. Enter any awards or honors received from this school, as well as any special events or experiences that didn’t fit in the Activities and Societies box, such as studying abroad, events you organized, or committees that you served on at this school. There are many other things you can do on LinkedIn, like joining LinkedIn Groups, utilizing their publishing platforms, adding volunteer experience, certificates you hold, etc. Many movers and shakers of this world aren’t content sitting in a college classroom. This step adds the newly entered education listing into your profile, and you’re taken back to your profile page. If I do the former, all my activities, grades, courses, etc. 1 Go to LinkedIn and log in. You see an expanded Education section with all … You see an expanded Education section with all the necessary text boxes. You can correctly list a minor on a resume in many different ways, but it is common practice to keep the minor and major listed on one line to keep the presentation brief. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated! In the School field, start to type the name of your school. Log in to your LinkedIn profile, hover the cursor over "Profile" and choose "Edit Profile" from the subsequent menu. If it’s not obvious what your major was, you can also include “jor” before you list your degree. I'm trying to display my double major on Linkedin, but I'm not sure whether to have it in the same textbox, or to add a separate "education" and list them separately. Adding Education to Your LinkedIn Profile, 10 Tips for a Perfect LinkedIn Profile Picture, How to Import Your Address Book into LinkedIn. The degrees are listed on your profile immediately after you add them. Not only is this information placed at the very top of your profile, visible within your search result listing, but also it helps your profile achieve All-Star ranking. This wallpaper was upload at November 26, 2019 by Job Letter. If you have more than one degree, list them in reverse chronological order, or the most recent degree first. You should list your minor underneath your degree, school name, and location. This section isn’t limited to high school, undergraduate, and post-graduate education. It is easy to find people you studied with (and be found by them) if you list your education properly with the right institution, course and dates. A minor should be listed on your resume after the major, either on the same line or one line below your major. Scroll down to the Education section and then click the "Add Education" link to start adding another degree.