They said on rear of package that the deer will run opposite way when they hear them. Deer whistles. This curiosity and need to understand what the sound is, causes deer to freeze beside the road which prevents them from running in front of the oncoming vehicle that has deer whistles installed on it. /Kids [ 7 0 R 87 0 R ] /MediaBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] %���� advertised to give free deer whistles to as many who would install them until they hit ½ the cars in the county. In other words, don’t ride faster than you can see and react. Wipe the base of the deer whistle with rubbing alcohol to remove any manufacturing dust and grit. /CS /DeviceRGB >> 99. %PDF-1.7 /Rotate 0 If you are lucky, hitting a deer will never happen to you; however, if it does, it could lead to serious consequences. 2 0 obj The deer whistle has to be installed in a place in which there is going to be good, direct airflow into the whistle. The University of Wisconsin-Madison did research on deer whistles and worked with three different devices. << ���^��N�JE��U�)���(�H�֏|�:t�(@��]�c66�.��jB:H��B��y ws9�n�����;�;8����R ��(�a�z3�}�����ݢp�n`$��`bv;��C|V��B. /Creator (Icecream PDF Split&Merge) /Parent 1 0 R Here in WI deer-vehicle accidents are extremely common. It is because of the seriousness of motorcycle and deer collisions, that many are looking for ways to deter deer from crossing the road as the motorcycle is moving toward and away from the animal, including the use of deer whistles. /MediaBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] endobj /Count 10 /Type /Catalog /Filter /FlateDecode << One of these concerns the possibility of hitting deer. /F8 30 0 R x��=ْ�F���?Po� �N �����ر�k�G�>Plt7B)����̬ �j�trGn7EdVVV�Y���'�,�r�gE��� << Serious injury or death can occur when a motorcycle and a deer collide. While not all research proves that a deer whistle is effective, there are drivers that have been using a deer whistle for years on all of their autos, some including motorcycles, that swear that they are effective; however, data has shown that the average speed of these drivers is 32 miles per hour. �J�Ws���iЂ��3�DK��J oZ�O/݊<30l�,/g>���(��S�Y��d ���w,U�R�ʎ�F�6�l�P��R��ߐ�J�xs��Rx�K��������NЫ��'g�3�O����SI`�Rd ��֙5��"3�z�{[email protected]#���B��)����b $0����97 The problem with the research is that they are not able to determine how these sounds actually affect deer. /F3 16 0 R Deer mostly migrate in the late fall around October through December. �%�H^!%�AmPpx�`i���L1'������r~.�����x��Qb�_���L�� ؃���� FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. In fact, many people type the phrases “do deer whistles work mythbusters” and “deer whistles mythbusters” into Google to try to find out if they work. 6 0 obj We are compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies at no extra cost to the reader. 8 0 obj The last two findings that they found, collaborated with the same findings that the University of Wisconsin-Madison had and that is that they do not know what frequencies a deer can actually hear and they do not know exactly how deer respond to certain frequencies. /Producer (Icecream PDF Split&Merge) Simple 1/2 hour installation! It all comes basic to basic common sense and riding defensively. In order to understand if the deer whistle actually works on a motorcycle, you need to first understand how they are designed to work. Most deer whistles are activated by your vehicle's speed. /ViewerPreferences 79 0 R /Image15 20 0 R 2. Most motorcyclists don’t usually ride that time of year. The thought process is that deer are extremely unpredictable animals. “Much to my surprise, the deer didn’t even raise their heads while grazing along the side of the road. 4 0 obj endobj These are areas that yet again speed is consistently over 30 miles per hour. If you see one deer – there’s usually more. /Parent 1 0 R Some versions of a deer whistle are electronically powered that produce ultrasonic sound no matter how fast your vehicle is travelling. /CropBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] 3 0 obj /F6 23 0 R /Pages 1 0 R /F2 14 0 R They found several issues with deer whistles. endobj endobj /S /Transparency /Kids [ 8 0 R 32 0 R 39 0 R 48 0 R 50 0 R ] endobj In turn, this also means that the number of motorcycle and car crashes with deer involved is increasing. It is possible (but unlikely) that deer whistles do not offer the protection that they are designed to provide due to poor installation of the whistles. Therefore, given the lack of deer response, the investigators suggest the following: 1.