Here’s another take on the geometric triangle tote, but this time they’re upside down. Start with our super-economical promo totes if you’re looking for a low-cost backdrop for your printed prizes. A few weeks ago, our son’s kindergarten class visited a local pioneer museum where this technique was shown. It would also make a cute gift for a graduate, and it’s inexpensive, too. for one-of-a-kind fashion accessories, marketing giveaways and hand-crafted gift bags that your recipients will adore. Choosing a bright, stylish font and placing the printed design in the center of the tote bag will help create balance and simplicity. The tassel craze isn’t likely to die down anytime soon, and we’re not complaining! Beach Themed Decoupage Bag – Mod Podge Rocks. This bag is perfect for carrying around the Farmers Market to shop for fresh fruits and veggies or for those who just love the country chic look. DIY Pineapple Bag – Hawthorne and Main. Which of these tote bags do you plan to make? See what a big difference a little bit of planning and paint can make? Obviously, it has to be tie-dye! We’ve found 21 clever ways to dress up plain canvas tote bags that you’re going to love! Creating one-dimensional felt designs — many of which can be fastened with fabric glue, double-sided tape or heat applications — can help add a soft, colorful texture to your otherwise basic totes. Use a hot glue gun or craft glue to adhere rhinestones, sparkly studs and gemstones to your pre-existing design or create glittery lettering with iron-on patches or sparkly fabric. Always on the go? And it would be a fantastic bag for holding sewing or crafting supplies for the project you’re currently working on. Awww. Eat Local DIY Farmer’s Market Tote Bag – Where the Smiles Have Been. You can take your fancy needlework with you wherever you go when you use a canvas tote as the background for your special, stitched designs. Making a DIY tie-dye tote bag is similar to tie-dying a T-shirt or bandana. And there’s nothing quite like filling your bag with fresh fruits and veggies to make a day of shopping even better. These would be perfect for a tween or teen birthday party. DIY Color Block Geometric Tote – Today’s Creative Life. This is quite possibly my favorite tote bag because I do like big books… and I cannot lie! The tote bag is perhaps one of today’s most versatile accouterments: it carts your groceries, gym gear and odds and ends from point A to point B, and when properly adorned, it can be a fashion statement that’s memorable and unique. If you’re the same way, here are some easy ideas to dress up canvas totes: And I’m sure there are others, but the point is, you definitely don’t need to be the crafty type to make one of these plain canvas tote bags your own. This. Today’s finger-painted tote bags are yesterday’s macaroni necklaces. What a fun way to use up ribbon scraps! There are few fashion accessories that can’t be brightened up with some metallic sew-on studs. Of course, you can pair your ombré tote with more super-trendy embellishments, like tassels and pom-poms. Hand-stamping is easily one of the simplest and most fun ways to adorn your basic totes. Invest in low-cost, wholesale totes if you want to use this as a fun craft activity for preschools, daycares and more. Creating an eye-catching, glittery tote can be achieved in a variety of ways. A good-quality tote from our assortment of wholesale tote bags and some markers, paints and patches will do the trick! 12. Your email address will not be published. DIY Adventure Quote Tote – Crafting Chicks. Let your little ones express their creative side with fabric paint and their fingers to create one-of-a-kind totes for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or any extra-special gift. Artsy types don’t want plain canvas tote bags. I totally agree with the message—creativity is intelligence having fun! Whether you need a tote for library books or a day at the beach, you’re going to find an easy, pretty design to try here. The best part is, these colorful and fuzzy accessories can be easily added to a blank canvas tote for some serious texture and whimsy. For the perfect finishing touch, dress up your blank canvas tote bags with sew-free trims that make the entire design. If subtle ombré isn’t enough to pique your interest, take it to the next level with ombré sequins or glitter. Everybody loves a little bit of dazzle. Doily Heart DIY Tote Bag – Cutesy Crafts. 9. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Bedazzle your studded tote bag with slim, lighter weight sew-on hardware to keep it lightweight.