Log in or Sign up log in sign up. Dalia Acosta - Tierramérica* HAVANA, Oct 18 2002 (IPS) - The unlimited duplication of Ubre Blanca is the dream hounding a team of scientists in Cuba, bent on cloning the “supercow” that in January 1982 produced 109.5 litres of milk in a single day, quadrupling an average cow’s daily output. If your comment does not contribute to the discussion in a serious manner it will be removed. That is a fact, verifiable by any economic study on the island. The cost to the nation was catastrophic as all resources were redirected to his goal of 10,000,000 tons of sugar. This thread has been flaired as [Serious]. Ubre Blanca. It was based on the Soviet model of long lines, low quality products, and empty shelves. Milk Serious I have consumed so much milk in the past 24 hours that you could milk me like a cow and I would produce more in one squirt than Ubre Blanca did in her whole life. So, he chopped down thousands of productive fruit trees, burned down forests, and redirected Cuba's workforce [including essential office workers, etc..] to start planting and harvesting sugarcane. Before Castro the island was full of cows and livestock in the country side. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Mandingojones. Unfortunately, this is not available yet in the Philippines, but hopefully, it will be available soon! I was there in 1979 with my mother and my Mom's family had a ration book and also a political report card as well as internal passports – they were not allowed to travel to other parts of the island. It was the most productive cow in the world. Meaning "White Udder" in Spanish, Ubre Blanca made the Guinness Book Of World Records for "the highest milk yield by a cow in one day -- 110 litres (29 U.S. Posted by. >>:No. Please report any comments that do not respect this rule. Remember, Cuba is the largest Caribbean island famed for its tobacco and sugar. The United States is not a panacea to Cuba's problems. consequence.--Zleitzen 10:31, 2 July 2006 (UTC)<<. It has nothing to do with the Cold War years or Ubre Blanca. Ubre Blanca was a Cuban cow famed for its prodigious milk production. One of his harebrained ideas was the 10,000,000 ton sugarcane harvest--a technical impossibility. best. What's more, the sugar mills were run to the ground from working day and night and essential machinery destroyed. Not only is your claim ridiculous, it's false. That's why Castro had them bread with dairy cows. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. u/VirPotens. I have devoured so much possible nutrients that a baby cow could've needed that the weight of their souls and the weight of their moms entire body rest in my stomach but there is so much that if I sneezed I would cry, piss, shit, throw up, cum and snot rocket milk, it would be pouring out of my ears. One day Castro had the harebrained idea to have the biggest sugarcane harvest in the history of Cuba. What are your thoughts? Bro this genuinely made me fucking laugh. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. 37. Any information that any "independent" organization obtains from Cuba is obtained directly from the Cuban institutions who manipulate stats to suit their purpose. Besides stop making excuses for a failed economic system – like all the soviet socialist and iron curtain models who have dropped that archaic system for capitalism and free markets and personal responsibility. Why have I done this. Cuba needs to drop the welfare “poor little me” attitude and take responsibility for their own problems – created by them. Ubre blanca. Listings, Shop, About and Videos. The above statement is ridiculous! Become a literal god of milk and take over the world. Even during the Soviet subsidies there ration books. My bones are so strong that if I move they will simultaneously rupture every organ, vein, tissue and cell in my body. In 1981, she produced 41,673 liters of milk. Castro blames the embargo! Also be aware that Castro sells the majority of the produce overseas and to tourists and the Cuban people get nothing. It has nothing to do with the Cold War years or Ubre Blanca. Besides Castro has always traded with everyone and every nation - he buys from all over the world - so this notion of embargo or blockade is bogus. It wasn't just any cow. The "battle of ideas" was launched by Castro during the Elian Gonzales affair. Of course, the 10,000,000 ton sugarcane harvest was not met. Plus why does Cuba always have to depend on the United States so much? Written by: I feel like if I move i will detonate so hard the worlds milk supply will be cruising for 6 generations. Don’t stop. What? You see, Castro thinks that he is an expert on ALL SUBJECTS KNOWN TO MANKIND. But in the end we all know what propaganda looks like. I dunno why you posted this and why its flaired serious. Drink the entirety of America’s milk supply. Take my upvote and get out you milk addict. UBRE BLANCA . Press J to jump to the feed. By the way, one of the first things that Castro did when he rose to power was to sell off Cuba's lifestock. In Marxist economies, which have failed in every country where they have been implemented, the laws of supply and demand do not exist. Cuba is the largest and most fertile island in the Carri bean, it is capable of rising corps and livestock such as cows, and it has always had cows regardless of the United States or not. It produced so many liters of milk a day that it earned a place for itself in the Guinness Book of World Records. Russian Burenka also set two records, and are located on the third and fifth place in the world table. Cuba is a subtropical country with four harvesting seasons and famously fertile land. After the Soviet disintergration and the tightening of the embargo in the early 90's, Cuba's economy collapsed leading to widescale poverty. So, in reality, his dictatorship should have increased Cuban agriculture. The absolute record of the annual milk yield belongs to the cow from Cuba, Ubre Blanca. I have consumed so much milk in the past 24 hours that you could milk me like a cow and I would produce more in one squirt than Ubre Blanca did in her whole life. Before Castro rose to power, Cuba used to produce enough food to feed its populace. So, it is not the U.S. embargo that is to blame for Cuba's poverty, but Castro. If that was not enough, he took away most personal farms and forced farmers to work in hugh agricultural cooperatives, where they had no incentive to work land that did not belong to them. Please be aware that this marks it as a place for serious discussion only and that any unserious content in this thread will be met with infraction point(s). The only two native cow species in Cuba before Castro were not able to produce milk. The Spanish phrase ubre blanca translates to the English phrase "white udder." I thought Cuban scientists and agricultural engineers – due to the "wonders" of the Revolution were capable of doing anything! share. I mean they produce sugar and tobacco. Never trust the state – especially a Marxist one were they screw things up – its been proven by history. This is a fact! In fact, shortly after Castro usurped Cuba's presidency and became dictator-for-life, Cuba's economy began to disintergrate. And it is not that the coronavirus has charred the noggins of a few “communicators” around here, but rather that they are a “continuity” of that old guard of reporters who, in the midst of the crisis at the Peruvian Embassy and the Mariel Boatlift “preferred” to make front page headlines about a cow named “Ubre Blanca” (White Udder). This is an old dictator's trick - a form of keeping the people down and blaming the troubles on the USA or Miami Cubans or someone else – Hitler did it also by blaming the Jews of Germany's problems – he (Castro) creates these maladies so the people have an enemy and to blind them from the nasty stuff he does to them everyday.