… Fry up some onions and peppers in a … My smoker is electric and self-regulated at 225°. Once the sausages are on, add some wood to get the heat higher and to produce more smoke. Moreover, the best woods for this type of smoking are cherry, apple, or hickory. Given this temperature, you need to smoke the sausage for at least 3 hours. What Is The Temperature Of The Smoker? Pre-heat smoker (with water pan) to 225-250; Add sausage links to grill, laying across the grates, ensuring there is at least a half inch of space between each one. For example, you might find that people are suggesting smoking anywhere from two hours all the way up to 20 hours. How Long Does Sausage Take To Smoke? At these temperatures, you are going to allow the sausage to be cooked until it reaches an internal temperature of about 160 degrees F. On average, sausage will take about 2 – 3 hours to smoke. Pork sausage usually takes about 1-3 hours to smoke at a constant smoker temperature of 225 – 250 °F and 165 °F when done. Once the sausages are stuffed, allow them to rest in the fridge for about 2 hours before smoking or grilling. You're going to hear a lot of different suggestions online. It usually takes a good 2 hours. Hot smoking cooks the sausage whereas cold smoking does not. Different types of sausage can vary in time though and that is why it’s best to use instant read thermometer to check internal temperature. Sausage can either be cold smoked or hot smoked and these two processes are fundamentally different: Cold smoking takes place at temperatures below 30°C or 85°F whereas hot smoking takes place between 60-80°C (140-180°F). The trick is to find a balance for the right amount of smoke flavor. I smoke my fresh sausage at 225 for however long it takes to get them to 265. You also need to achieve a specific internal temperature with the meat. There is no danger of the sausage drying out as long as it is fatty. How long do you smoke sausage? You can smoke sausage at 225°F to 250°F. How long do you think to smoke those birds? Tips: Pork Sausage. You should preheat your smoker for at least one hour before putting your sausages into it. Stuffed sausage will need to be cooked within 24 hours of stuffing. I have two 5lb whole chickens i want to smoke. Place the sausage casings on the sausage stuff and begin feeding the sausage mixture to fill the sausage casings one by one or twisting them off every 8 inches. If you wish to set it at 225 degrees, you should also allow the sausage to sit for between 4 to 6 hours if you have the time and patience to do so. You also need to turn the sausage every 45 minutes. You recommend 250.