During their time at Cheltenham Girls High School your daughter will have an opportunity to choose subjects to study. Keeping up with English, Maths and at least one Science subject is a good place to start. In India, you have to choose a ‘stream’ or an area of study such as arts, sciences,... 2) Studying in the UK after grade 12: Subject Selection Handbooks. Step 1: Work out what subjects you enjoy: Step 2: Work out what subjects you are good at, Step 3: Find out what subjects you need for your career ideas, Explore the Jobs database on the Careers New Zealand website to find out what subjects you need for your career ideas. If you’re unsure about what job you want to do, try to study a wide range of subjects at school. We understand that you will likely have specific questions about courses that you would like addressed to help you and your son make the right choices for his needs. Are you a good writer, good with numbers, a practical person? It’s OK if you don’t know what you want to do in the future. The challenge arises from having to choose subjects … What does this tell you about yourself? Your choice of subject will be checked by senior staff. 1) Studying in India after grade 12: Subject Selection Booklet available now (see below for link). Use the interactive tools on the Careers New Zealand website to help you get some career ideas: Subject Matcher – job ideas based on subjects you enjoy, Jobs by Interest – jobs that relate to areas of work you are interested in, CareerQuest – job ideas based on your interests, Skill Matcher – job ideas based on your skills, Vocational Pathways for Students and Whanau (External Website). Courses listed in this guide are offered based upon available resources and qualified and appropriate enrollment. Please see below for relevant information about the procedures involved in those selections. **Credits must be accumulated in the categories below: Courses in the Physical Education Department, Community Service requirement of all students. Try to avoid choosing subjects for the wrong reason. Subject availability is dependent each year upon staffing, student numbers and funding. Central High School has utilized the Core Curriculum Framework, which has been developed by the School District of Philadelphia as the basis for all courses. This will give you more options later on. Subject Selection Information. Subjects I’m interested in doing next year that I haven’t already studied, Subjects that include activities I like doing outside of school, Students begin working on Level 1 credits in Year 10, To qualify for Level 2 you must have completed your Level 1 course, In general, all subjects have entry requirements. Talk about your subject choices with your parents and whānau, teachers and careers advisers. All District schools will remain fully virtual until further notice. Welcome. Please watch our welcome video and browse our website to learn more about our school. Read subject descriptions and note any course fees. Learn More. What subjects are you good at or not so good at? T: Telephone (02) 9622 9944 E: Email [email protected] Instructions for using the portal to complete course selection – Seniors Philadelphia, PA 19141, call us at215-400-3590 2. Year 10 Subject Selection Handbook 2020. ), 3 credits of Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), 4th advanced credit (Math, Science, or an AP/IB course that doesn’t count in another category), 1.5 credits of Physical Education (1 year of gym and .5 of a year in health), 1 Multi-Disciplinary Project (offered in conjunction with Social Science courses), 4th year of Math or science, or an AP/IB elective. There are a number of curricula offered in India, including IGCSE, ICSE, ISC and IB among others. Please note: students can work at more than one Level in a year, depending on their previous year’s grades e.g. – Subjects you think might help you pass examinations, but are not in your future career interests.