// ]]> Oh my god, you wash your hair every day? 2. Have limp, thin, lifeless hair at a reasonable length. Generally my hair is a bit rough-looking in the am, but although my curls were smashed, they were still soft. A. Me too, Brittany… I was devastated. But if you go online and look up other reviews, you will see girls from all different races and hair types using Hask products and loving it. I will have to try Hask – I started using argan oil when I was preggo and my skin & hair were super dry and I LOVE it. Now onto the goodies! lol. Now I totally want to rewrite my review. [CDATA[ Over the winter holidays, I got my hair straightened before I went away for vacation and I opted for a cheapie salon since I was short on time, and just wanted someone else to do my hair. I recently got selected through Brandbacker to test out some of the Hask product lines. But once that is over, you know you have to finish it. It’s like a mini keratin treatment. . This is one of the products I’ll continue to buy after this runs out. Wish I had the nerve……, Do it, do it! I was also able to save some so I can use it again later. I’ve been wanting to talk about why I chopped off my hair for quite some time so when I got the opportunity to talk about a hair product, I thought it was perfect timing. My hair looked fabulous when I left the salon, but after I went swimming a few days later my curls never came back. I have sat on this review, for weeks now. Thanks, girlie! You know I have to be fly to stand next to you at FitBloggin + BlogHer! Now I am back to square one with a short cut that I NEVER would have loved before, but it is so freeing. Fab, fab, fab review. find out more about the issue and found most people 7. The HASK hair care products that I'm about to discuss, have received AWESOME reviews. I feel like this line smells more tropical, like coconuts on a beach. Big mistake. Love. However, I would say that if I had to pick a favorite line to repurchase, it would be the Argan Oil line. var search_me = '96_11518'; var scriptElems = document.getElementsByTagName('script'), i=scriptElems.length - 1, curLoc; for (; i; --i) { curLoc = scriptElems[i]; if ('innerText' in curLoc) { if (curLoc.innerText.indexOf(search_me)) break; }else if ('textContent' in curLoc) { if (curLoc.textContent.indexOf(search_me)) break; }} addImpression(96,11518);var clkHndlr = function(event) { addListenersForClickAround(96,11518, curLoc); };addEvent(window, 'load', clkHndlr); I would say, I used it about... Placenta - No-Rinse Instant Hair Repair Treatment Super Strength, Macadamia Oil Revitalizing Shine Treatment, This. I think I want to keep it like this until the summer at least. I am so bad about all that stuff… I do it when I remember. I love you with short hair; it looks fierce and you slay! All of the products are $6 – $15 dollars too. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hask hair and scalp treatment conditioner - 16 oz at Amazon.com. 6. Very interesting. How to Dress for Your Dream Job with Gwynnie Bee, How I’m checking in on my business finances this summer. Do you plan on Keeping it short? Love. MakeupAlley™ is a registered trademark of MUA, Inc. Overall, I am super pleased with the results! Either way, we both loved the products. Sure it may be "sulphate" free, but its not "sulfonate" free. Also, focus shampoo on just scalp- let your hair hang+, Moroccan oil light or Hask argan oil for a more affordable option, Thinning hair tips! It looks good on you. This dried my hair out and itched my scalp. The hardest part is getting over the first snip. You have quite the schedule. Hask Hair Products Review. The smell alone gets me every time I open the bottle. or B. I applied this one on top of my normal styling products to give my hair a little shine and it didn’t foam up or leave a white cast on my hair. // Read 363 reviews of 59 products and view photos of Hask products on MakeupAlley ... Not just here or there but hand fulls of hair and if you read many many other reviews on here other have said the same. Sign up to receive the M.Y. LOL! I was able to save some so I can use it again a little later. newsletter, filled with insider content, tips, tricks, motivation, plus lots more! Thank you, Earl-Leigh. Sadly, the only thing that happened was handfuls of my hair started to come out. You made the right decision starting over.