Pots will also keep these sensitive plants out of the reach of pests and give them enough airflow to reduce the incidence of disease. What size of a container should you use for your cherry tomatoes? If you’re asking, “Can I grow cherry tomatoes in a container – successfully?” then the answer is yes – with a few small qualifications. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I think it would work quite well. I like to use an inch or two of hay, but I realize not everyone has easy access to it. You can grow any cherry tomato variety in a container, but some will fare better than others. You’ll have to experiment for yourself. Before you plan your cherry tomato container garden, you’ll need to consider your pot size, the variety of plants you want to grow, and a few other aspects you may not have considered. Indeterminate cherry tomato plants can grow to be 6-8 feet tall… Use a standard tomato cage or, even better, a snap-together cage that can be formed to fit your plants’ needs. Growing cherry tomatoes in containers is similar to growing other tomatoes in pots – or other container gardening, for that matter. Here are our pro-tips for creating the perfect cherry tomato container garden. They grow fast and require a lot of maintenance to preserve their shape and help them produce the optimal amount of fruit. If you’re asking, “Can I grow cherry tomatoes in a container – successfully?” then the answer is yes – with a few small qualifications. Look for a higher calcium fertilizer or grind up dry eggshells and spread over the soil; Fruit Cracks – If your cherry tomatoes start to split open, it’s a sign your plants are starving for water and taking up too much when they finally get some. It’s easy and fun. Look for a spot with at least six hours of sun, with eight-plus hours being ideal. Try to keep the soil moist but not wet. But, more importantly, look for a pot that is a minimum of 14 inches wide and can hold at least five gallons. Tomatoes have somewhat deep roots and larger pots will give them the room they need to grow and gather nutrients. You really do want to put your containers where you have easy access to water. And that characteristic combined with their love of warm soil, desire for constant tending, and bushy shape makes them perfect for container gardening. By now you see the answer is yes, you can successfully grow and harvest cherry tomatoes in a container. If you want to continue to collect fruit, you can bring your plant inside during cold spells. Otherwise, collect all green fruit before the frost and place them in a box with newspaper separating each row. Growing cherry tomatoes is becoming increasingly popular. Second, your cherry tomato plant’s roots only have so much room to grow, and sooner or later, they will run out of space. There are a few special pieces of information to know about growing cherry tomatoes in pots – and a couple of myths to dispel. Tomatoes don’t like dry soil, so avoid keeping them in waterlogged soil or standing water. Here are 9 tips to maximize your yield while minimizing your effort. It’s a good idea to know the basics of how to grow Cherry Tomatoes hydroponically before you get started. The best cherry tomatoes to grow in pots are bush varieties like Baxter’s Bush Cherry and varieties named for their excellent growth in containers such as Patio Princess and Balcony cherry. But if you want to maximize your yield and minimize your effort, you’ll want to keep reading for some step-by-step tips for growing cherry tomatoes on your patio or deck. Growing cherry tomatoes in pots is not only possible, but one of the best ways to grow this veggie. Cherry Tomatoes come in red, orange, yellow, and even “black,” and they’re sweet and delicious when they ripen on the vine. Powered by WordPress and WordPress Theme created with Artisteer. Of course, the best reason for growing these great veggies so close at hand is having tasty, fresh cherry tomatoes within reach all summer long. Black Cherry Tomato. Few vegetable plants produce with quite the same vigor as the cherry tomato. How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes Planting and Harvesting. Beginners can grow cherry tomatoes in pots with great success! Especially as they grow larger and the weather gets warmer, you will find that you’ll have to water often. Homegrown Tomato Garden – New Decade, New Location. Learn how to harvest this easy to grow herb and how to dry basil using air drying or a dehydrator... 18 Vegan Thanksgiving Sides to Complete Your Holiday Dinner, How to Grow Fresh Herbs Indoors in 5 Easy Steps, 4 Gelatin Substitutes Every Vegan or Vegetarian Needs to Try, The 10 Best Olive Oil Sprayers for Green Healthy Cooking in 2020.