Vary the shades and complement neutral tones with vivacious green pops. brown, brown and gray, color of wood, dark brown, gray and brown, gray and green, gray-green, green and gray, greenish-gray, shades of brown, shades of dark brown, shades of gray. Even small accents like a thermostat counts. brown and green, brown and red, burgundy and green, burgundy and red, gray and burgundy, gray and green, gray and red, green and gray, green and red, pastel green, red and brown, red and burgundy, red and gray, red and green, shades of red. The overall look achieves an earthy feel with reference to the outdoors. Green is a lively color that will refresh any room! Such a lively and natural way to spruce up your interior! (Intro). Gray dining room with brown and green colors. Grey and green are a very natural combo, they are suitable for almost any décor style, from moody dark or art deco to light Scandinavian or mid-century modern. It is a color mix I'd just love to try in a room myself! Avocado Green and White Bedroom. Opt for lime green details and your living room will look amazing! dark gray, dark green, gray and green, green and gray, light gray, light gray and light green, light green, light green and light gray, marsh green, monochrome, shades of gray, shades of green, shades of green-marsh, silver. Choose the shades of grey to your liking: from very light and subtle to dark charcoals and almost black to create an ambience that you like. Green is considered a safe choice that won’t turn potential buyers off. Pillows and vases are perfect to add those little green accents. Choose Shades Of Grey That You Like Just like the example shown above. The Smokey Green And Gray Color Scheme palette has 6 colors which are Camouflage Green … Color Palette #2099 (Alair Homes Decatur), spruce up a Scandinavian home with green walls, clean-lined and comfortable seating area with lime green decorations, moody modern living room in charcoal grey with green upholstered furniture, light grey sofa with green touches and botanical decorations, grass green living room with sunny yellow and checked grey accents, create texture and visual appeal by mixing and matching favorite fabrics of green and grey colors, light grey living room with botanical details in rich green shade, pops of lime green make this lounge whimsical and eye-catchy, spring-inspired interior with mint and light grey splashes, stylish grey living room with textural touches and an emerald sofa, calm room in the shades of grey with a green wall and accents, make green accents in your dove grey living room with potted greenery and plants, shades of grey living room with lime green accents for a spring-inspired ambience, modern living room with light grey upholstery and a couple of green accents, A classic Victorian living room design in shades of gray but with pastel color accents like turquoise ottomans and a olive green storage system. The Green And Gray Color Scheme palette has 6 colors which are Wageningen Green (#399F2E), Kelly Green (#49B51F), Green (RYB) (#62CD32), Light Gray (#D3D3D3), Granite Gray (#626363) and Charleston Green (#2B2B2B).. Grey is one of the most popular basic colors that is easy to mix and match and is great for every space. PRESS ESC TO CANCEL, © 2008 - 2020 DigsDigs. (STEPHEN FLETCHER ARCHITECTS), BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. As a backdrop, it accentuates the warm tones of the green draperies and wooden fixtures in the room. It will be a perfect base for further decorating, and then choose shades of green that you like: emerald, mint, sage, lime or else, it depends on your taste and mood you want to create. (Emma Green Design), Green accents like furniture and tropical leaves can light up neutral interior. We use cookies to improve your experience and support our mission. So much so that in a few of the rooms featured here the presence of green in the gray color scheme is in the form of plants! If you are ready for radical solutions, then opt for a green accent wall or even walls or an amazing green wall mural. Neutrals or moodies? There’s a more original way to infuse your home with green color: just put potted plants and greenery here and there and voila! The lighter shade you choose, the fresher the room will look, and if you choose bold green accents, they will give your room en elegant look, such shades are amazing for mid-century modern and art deco interiors and will also light up a modern living room. dove grey room, a light green wall and green and grey upholstery, grey living room is spruced up with green chair and a striking wall mural, A statement green wall is a bold way to add color to a neutral living room. gray and green, gray and violet, green and gray, green and light violet, green and violet, light violet, light violetand green, lilac and violet, shades of violet, violet and gray, violet and green, violet and lilac. Grey and green are a very natural combo, they are suitable for almost any décor style, from moody dark or art deco to light Scandinavian or mid-century modern. (Camilla Molders Design), minimalist interior in dove grey with patterned green textiles, seating area with light grey modular chairs and lime green pillows and bean bags. By using our sites, you agree to our use of cookies.