Just use the evade command. Share ; Full Game Walkthrough. Mist Hide: Tl;Dr: it sucks, don't use it. Splitter: Usefull for clearing ads quickly or get rid of annyoing enemies fast. Get info, wikis, guides, and find other people to play with. Parm. Round-Whacker: Does pretty much the same as Justin's Shockwave but with smaller aoe (and ofc less damage since Sue is not particularly good with attack damage). Black Friday Sale: Take 20% Off All Giant Bomb Merch Until 11/30! For Grandia HD Collection on the Nintendo Switch, Character Development Guide by Highlord_Belial. Otherwise I would stay away from that because the cost is just way too high. Game Guides / GRANDIA HD Remaster – Full Game Walkthrough. Fire away: Since Sue is not great with physical damage this won't do much for you. So if you want to clear out ads in bossfights and you have the Charm that reduces SP consumption by 50% this is usuable. Even has a cancel effect. V-Slash: Solid, cheap attack, maxes out early and can be used effectively throught the first half of the game. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Deathsword(melee only): Instantly kills normal enemies, bosses are immune. Dragon Cut: Litteraly the same as Justin's (althought technically Gadwin has the move first and teaches it to Justin later on). Immortal Aura: To be honest I never really used that move since it is expensive and I would rather use the SP for dealing damage. Milda Kick: Good move, best move for single target damage. Highest damaging single target move Justin has. Is able to oneshot pretty much all normal enemies and deals a solid amount of damage in bossfights when the boss has three or more targets. The spell "Snooze" does the exact same thing and that one is way cheaper. This skill has fairly low cost compared to his SP pool, can be used with both ranged and melee weapons equiped and sometimes cancels the enemy. Eruption Cut: Can be usefull to get rid of some stronger enemies quickly but it is kinda expensive compared to Flying Dragon. Stick to Disccutter. In this section I will be covering what my time with the game (5 playthrougts until now, 6th is incoming) taught me about the moves and spells. Puffy Fire: Again more a funny attack, does not do anything a nice spell wouldn't be able to do and is fairly costly. It is a good move to use on bosses since it deals a solid amount of damage. Lotus Cut: Similar funktionality as Midair, same cost but Fire damage. Get this guide started! Otherwise stick with Midair since Lotus has lower base damage. Does technically more damage on Lightning weak and neutral enemies but it is fairly expensive (compared to Midair). It is fairly costly to spam this move on normal enemies but for Bosses this works great. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. (There is a workaround but more on that later). © 2020 GIANT BOMB, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. If your enemy is weak to Fire you can use this. Milda Combo: Looks cool but is too expensive and gets outperformed by Milda Kick in the long run. Recommended Level: 2. Start using this move when V-Slash does not oneshot normal enemies anymore. And if you can hit 2 targets Disccutter is better anyways. Don't bother with this one. But if you are after single target damage Doppelganger and Missile are better in longer fights. Demon Ball: High single target damage in this one. Paralyze Whip: Can be usefull since it has a cancel effect and can shut down some enemies (paralyze-duh, bosses are immune tho). Yawn: Really no point in using this one. Otherwise solid move. Could be used to train Mace profiency (which can actually be somewhat usefull but more on that later). Sidethrow (ranged only): If the enemy is really spread out this move is usefull. And why that is I will explain later in this section together with the spells. For Grandia on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 20 guides and walkthroughs. Midair Cut: By far my favorite move. For the HD version the halfway point is when you leave the continent Elencia with Gadwins boat to travel east) you want to be using W-Break instead. SP is better spend on: "Rah-Rah! Missile (ranged only): Usefull single target move. For Grandia HD Collection on the Nintendo Switch, Character Development Guide by Highlord_Belial. Also really good for increasing proficiency. Puffy Kick: Cute and funny attack but does not do much aside from making you giggle. Otherwise --> Diccutter. Redshock: You wont be using this move a lot since Liete is a full magic character. But since you can only use it when you have a knife equiped you propably won't be using it much. She joins the party incredibly late and training her Mace-proficiency from 10 to 18 is a pain since she only has one single target move to train this with. Heaven and Earth Cut: Same as Dragon Cut but twice the cost and more damage. consists of 1 releases. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll But fairly expensive compared to Feena's SP-Pool. Ever. Usefull to quickly get rid of grouped Fire weak enemies and to push your Whip proficency. Knife Hurl: Alright skill, does ok damage and maxes out quickly. GRANDIA HD Remaster – Full Game Walkthrough. "Fight!" Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into this Game. Move. it does not cost SP, can be controlled and you get your turn back quicker. The aoe is so small the enemies have to practically stand inside of each other to hit them. In my opinion the most useless move in the entire game. Don't bother training for it. Unfortunatly the teleport is random and thus unreliable. Released Aug 16, 2019. Should be able to oneshot enemies for a decent amount of the game. I will cover the moves character by character and after I am going to cover the spells in the following section. If you can hit 3+ targets with Discutter then it kinda falls behind. If you have a ranged weapon equipped and want to get single target damage in, this is the move to go. you leave the continent Elencia with Gadwins boat to travel east, althought technically Gadwin has the move first and teaches it to Justin later on. Doppelganger also oneshots things. W-Break: Fills the same role as V-Slash but a bit stronger. So just go with Doppelganger. Doppelganger(melee only): Strong single target move, outperforms Demon Ball in pretty much any situation. For Grandia HD Collection on the Nintendo Switch, Character Development Guide by Highlord_Belial. At least it looks awesome. You could use it to put Rapp outside of some aoe or bait aoe attacks to the side so the party does not get hurt. Best. Giant Bomb users. Dragon Cut: Really powerfull move. The width of the projektile is deceptively large, which makes it able to hit all parts of the boss is a lot of fights. Guido is a special case with his abilities, althougth Mogay shot is usefull when clearing normal enemies, on Bosses you exclusively want to use Mogay Bomb. Period. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Ice Slash: Same as Lotus Cut but in Ice, more expensive and more difficult to obtain. Disccutter: Somewhat ironicaly Rapp has the most useless move and the probably best move in the game. Sadly Mogay Bomb is expensive so you have to be considerate on how to use them. Whip: Strong single target damage. You can search for It is instant but that does not really make it good. Items: 100 GP, Poison Antidote, First Aid Kit. Absolutly worth the cost. Good skill to train up Sue's Ranged proficiency (cannot think of any reason you would want to do that). Once you reach the second half of the game (I consider the first Disc of the PS version the first half of the game and the second disc the second half. Format multiple images into a tidy layout.