Gaia Devils have an extreme weakness to Water spells so spells like Crackling can help when dispatching them. It can also toss out Burn! I just want to discuss some of your favourite moments from the game. It does weak techniques like burn and poizon. On Gaia (3), you will travel inside a large cylinder with two walls dividing it into three sections.Stepping onto the point C in the middle section causes this section to rotate. You can undo the change by stepping into the point C again.To go to Gaia (4), step into the point C twice and go north. You can find the list at the end of these comments. Two of these back to back could spell death for your team.\r\rIt can also debuff with Cold and use Poizn or Snooze. Strategy: Kill the Mega Gaia before they create tantacles who have abround 1500 each. I also considered the verifiers' wish for a complete list of items. Congratulation, you've completed the game and kicked Gaia's ass ! This time though, they're weaker spells like Burn! You're going into this fight in the condition you left the Gaia Core battle at...but thankfully, you get to keep all buffs still active, including Protect if that is still up on anyone.\r\rFirst priority is to refill MPs and SPs to use killer moves and vital spells...except for Liete. There is a high chance we won't be getting Grandia 1 anytime soon, so to ease the pain of waiting (or amplify it?) This in turn changes connections between the first and the last sections. South Parm is now accessible. Justin had received a new power in the form of Spirit Sword. —– When it’s done, Evil Gaia will appear. It too like Gaia Core relies on magic spells to do damage. Many many thanks to DLuna for releasing a wonderful hack to turn this game into an actual challenge.\r\rI may have an idea for one last interlude video...maxing out weapon \u0026 magic levels for everyone, then doing Baal 3/Gaia Core/Evil Gaia over again. Thanks to the verifiers of my first Grandia speedrun who pointed out the weak points of the run very well, especially regarding the magic training. :D Obviously though, it's a thread for people who played the game and/or do not care of the game being spolied for them. The best technique to destroy all the Gaia bodies is Heaven & Earth Cut which can do about 2000 damages. Gaia is the evil monster that destroy the Angelou civilization. Evil Gaia does not appear alongside any other enemy and has the ability to cast Burn!, Howl, Cold, Freeze!, Snooze, Stram and Poizn. Feena and Mullen had entered the Icarian City trying to get to newly hatched Gaia. Dungeon Map Gaia is a location and final dungeon in Grandia. The Spriters Resource - Full Sheet View - Grandia - Gaia Core, Mega Gaia & Evil Gaia Wiki Sprites Models Textures Sounds Login Full view of Grandia - Gaia Core, Mega Gaia & Evil Gaia. I need at least one person able to act to pass out heals and/or Halvahs.\r\rI do sort of abuse that Snooze bug/glitch/whatever. Trent is a plant-type monster. There seems to be a bug inherent in Grandia where if a person is asleep, anyone else awake gets a MASSIVE speed boost. Evil Gaia has 22666 HP & lower Vit and magic resists than Gaia Core. Justin had received a new power in the form of Spirit Sword. This spell can die...hard. Gaia quickly laid waste to the once-great civilization of Angelou, and it was only because of the sacrifice of two Icarian twin sisters that Gaia was sealed away for a millenium, before the Garlyle Forceswould attempt to unleash its horrifying power onc… However, it's incredibly fast, sporting a Wit of 1800.\r\rIt too like Gaia Core relies on magic spells to do damage. Agul vs. Gaia (アグル対ガイア Aguru Tai Gaia) is the 18th episode of Ultraman Gaia. It is encountered inside Gaia itself, the final dungeon of the game. If anything, you want Evil Gaia using more of these than the damaging attacks.\r\rSnooze deserves special mention though. Visit Gantz' bridge to find the barricade is thwarted by some grownups, i.e. It is composed of several levels, each one a deeper level of Gaia 's internal structures with the final being the core in which the Spirit Stone is housed. Once Lilly's interrogation ends, it's upstairs for a sit-down meal, a Grandia series hallmark. During the time of Angelou, humans became envious of the power granted to the Icarians through the Spirit Stoneand tried to wield the stone's power themselves. The Evil Gaia was not too dangerous, but very fast. With this sword, he is going to destroy the Gaia from its inside. and Howl, but if you got past the first form, the occasional 20-damage hit really shouldn't be an issue for you. If Liete can get 3 Colds casted on the boss, then I can basically infichain it to death at my leisure.\r\rOther than that, chip away at it, pray you don't die here basically.\r\rThat's it folks. GRANDIA Walkthrough; Gaia (1/2) What is the Icarian City ? There is a Save Point near the start of Gaia (2), so there is no need to reserve your SP and/or MP. Gaia is the evil monster that destroy the Angelou civilization. It can be found inside the Gaia. The result is that the power of the spirits were mutated and became manifested in a perverted form: Gaia. Evil Gaia is the post-final boss in Grandia and the final form of the Gaia entity derived from General Baal. Her goal is to spam Cold and bring down Evil Gaia's massive Wit to something less nasty first and foremost.\r\rSnooze can be deadly, but that's why I had Feena arm herself with a Talisman before going into the Gaia Core fight. Gaia establishes itself in the middle of the Luzet Mountains on the East Elencia continent.