Grandia II cheats, Tips, and Codes for DC. GRANDIA II HD Remaster. The useless items are on the upper path, and they are: Zero Broadsword -A useless weapon for Ryudo, because it has a attack power of zero! No infringement on any existing copyright is intended. » Grandia II » useless weapons. Play this every time you fight bosses with Millinea. How long did it take you to complete the game. After you get Roan for the second time, leave Cyrum Kingdom and go to Raul Hills and it will be a special stage. Jump to: Tip (3) ... 1.ZERO BROADSWORD +0 POWERLESS CURVED SWORD 2.RUSTY HOOP +0 RUSTY IRON HOOP A CHILD'S TOY 3.USELESS STAFF +0 USELESS •Footwear •Moves •RPGClassics Main Have Claymore ... Have Zero Broadsword F1A9C944 BCA99B84. Grandia II cheats, Tips, and Codes for DC. Giant Broadsword 148 Huge 2-handed sword. The Hard Hack gives them a few minor effects like +stats and on-hit effects out of pity. •Characters Alumina Sword 90 Unscratchable blade. The following is a list of weapons from Grandia II. •Items C1AA5B78BCA9C292 -- Infinite HP for Roan. All materials are copyrighted by their respective authors. After finishing the eyes of Valmar, Millinea will get the Spellbinding Eye move. Cheat Codes for Grandia 2 (b) ... Have Fine Broadsword F1A9C9B0 BCA99B84 . Spark Blade(B) 98 Lightning summoning sword. •Soundtrack Zero Broadsword F1AA6184 BCA99BE6 Holy Ghost Staff F1AA618F BCA99BE6 Huge Flail F1AA618E BCA99BE6 Guardian Staff F1AA6189 BCA99BE6 Decalogue Staff F1AA6188 BCA99BE6 Priests Staff F1AA618B BCA99BE6 Golden Flail F1AA618A BCA99BE6 Silver Flail F1AA6195 BCA99BE6 Aromatic … •Cast •Headgear •Part 2 •Part 3 •Part ... Rusty Hoop, Sonic Belt, Soul of a Hero, Useless Staff, Zero Broadsword: Monsters: Chameleon, Devil, Dragon Knight, Nyarmot, Snow Leopard: Characters Level: Elena: 47-49; Roan: 47-49; Ryudo: 47-49; Tio: 47-49: Everything is exactly as it was when you first came there, at the exception of new treasures and monsters. A l’Épreuve, tuer 200 ennemis en portant le coup final avec un fusil à impulsion; Étape 2. The Broadsword is a weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. C1AA64BCBCA9C292 -- Infinite HP for Ryudo. FrosT. Étape 1. C1AA6420BCA9C292 -- Infinite HP for Elena. First start out the game and play through until you complete it, also when you end you must have the maximum M coins or S coins wich is 9999 then, Grandia II Anniversary Edition arrives on PC this August 24th, how good is this game? reviews; user reviews; cheats; ... like the zero broadsword? Have Holy Ghost Staff F1A9C94F BCA99B84. Swords are Ryudo's weapon of choice. Win to get them. As you might guess from their names, they give a whopping 0 attack power and have no use whatsoever. Iceberg Sword(I) 95 Blade at absolute zero. Mithril Sword 126 Bright white blade. Weapons. Atteindre le rang de Courage Épique •Walkthrough You can kill Melfice in Cyrum when you first meet him. •Books & Skills You could level up your weapon skills every time you attacked an enemy, so by giving you weapons with no attack power boost, you could keep wailing on enemies for quite a while, and level up your weapon skills easily. From Guardians in the Birthplace of the Gods. All rights reserved. To get the Book Of War, win the Walnut game six times. The main attack (press ) swings the broadsword. •Monsters List Swords are Ryudo's weapon of choice. Powered by Restream Mega Man Mondays HYPE! •Shopping List Go through there and get to the ruins in Raul Hills 1. New items will appear in various locations. All games mentioned in this site are copyrighted by their respective producers and publishers. To get to the special stage, when you get Roan (King Roan) to be part of your team, exit the Palace. For Grandia II on the Dreamcast, Guide and Walkthrough by Shotgunnova. Ice will work best but make sure you have items that refill SP and MP because there are no recovery spots, and if you go back the enemies will reappear. Alternate game: The Fairy egg can be found on top the highest pillar. Viking Sword 108 Tempered broadsword. When you get out, there are two places to go to, Raul Hills and the King Roan's palace place in the south. Successfully complete the game once, then play again. You can train yourself until you are ready to leave. Each type of weapon can be equipped by a single character, as shown in the following titles. Grandia II PC PS2 DC. The Zero Broadsword, Useless Staff, Rusty Hoop and Dull Knife. F1AA6184BCA99BE6 -- 99 Zero broadsword. Quick and powerful. Defender Sword 120 DEF+60 Wide shielding blade. Steel Sword 135 Normal steel-blade sword. When you get to Roan's hometown, go to the sailor's house. Note that in the "Location" column, the Final Shop is the guy who sells things near the Royal Mausoleum just after coming back from the Birthplace of the Gods. useless weapons. For Grandia II on the Dreamcast, GameFAQs has 17 guides and walkthroughs. •Miscellaneous •Armor - 200 Ryudo's Initial Equipment Falx +22 Grandia 1 had a similar set of items, but they actually had a use there. Welcome to our collection of Grandia 2, cheats, cheat codes, wallpapers and more for PS2 . compare it to Skies of Arcadia. When you arrive, "Special Stage" will appear. •Weapons. DR2: CASE ZERO - Broadsword Location (Bob's Fish 'n Hunt) - Duration: 2:23. Zero Broadsword +0 Powerless curved sword. - - Raul Hills (Revisit) Geoblade +18 A common Geohound's sword. •Contact Walhalla, •Accessories Useless Staff … When you get to the ruins you will encounter Devils. Ceramics … •Story With the alternate attack (hold ), Chuck raises the sword above his head, and swings it down, cutting the zombie in half. Have Huge Flail F1A9C94E BCA99B84. When you play arm wrestling and win, he will give you information. GRANDIA II HD Remaster > General Discussions > Topic Details. C1AA5A50BCA9C292 -- Infinite HP for Mareg. They are extremely hard to fight. •Valuables (c)2006 0. C1AA5B94BCA9C292 -- Infinite HP for Millenia. Avec le début de la saison 4, le 4 septembre prochain, les joueurs pourront se lancer dans une série d’étapes pour obtenir le fusil à impulsion légendaire Broadsword de Redrix:. •Magic & Mana Eggs Inside the ruins are items including armor, an item that doubles SP earned, one that doubles EXP earned, and one that gives you 1000 Magic Coins. Go to Raul Hills. The monster you use this spell on will do nothing and stay at one place, and you can attack it without worrying of getting hit by it. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. The only way to beat melfice is to keep healing, use your strongest spells, and try to destroy the sword as early as possible (I'm still trying to beat him, but my stategy will prevail). Landrush Sword(G) 78 Broad blade of whirlwind. Ok, i saw this as a pretty cheap way to kill everyone but hey it works, theres a part in the game where you're going down this path like mountain, and in that section there's these lil bird enemies you fight that give u win seeds/agility seeds i forgot what theyre called, but just keep on fighting them and going in and out of the stage until u get like 50 of them, and as ur doing this ur also getting ur experience so then by the time u get that many seeds, ur people will be pretty fast already so once u add on the seeds, youll be faster than any boss. ! The following is a list of weapons from Grandia II. •Thanks C1AA5BECBCA9C292 -- Infinite HP for Tio. When you return from the game, they will give you the Book Of War. Then with Millenia, play again and he will have great items.