With dark mode, you can conserve a bit of battery life and your phone's screen will be easier on your eyes at night. However, if you’re a user of the Gmail app on iOS 13, you probably didn’t get the dark mode that same day. A quick way to check on this is by trying out Gmail in the web browser’s private or incognito mode. It is clear that a significant number of iOS users still don’t have dark mode in the Gmail app. Gmail dark mode is out now but here's why you face a very long wait to see it Trending That said, it doesn’t appear the fix works for everyone impacted by the issue. But if you're rooted, you can enable dark mode … However, the app now supports dark mode on both mobile OSs. But this is a Google product, so you already know it'll be a while before the server-side update hits most devices. iOS 13 is meant to have dark mode but I can’t enable it. There is, however, an extension that lets you enable dark mode for any web page, including Gmail. Sideloading the newest APK doesn't work, neither does switching accounts. If Gmail works there, try disabling browser extensions one-by-one until you find the culprit. Google's strategy for updating its apps with dark mode options is apparently "one at a time" and "as slow as possible." Unlike Gmail, Google's Chrome browser does not feature a built-in dark mode. Not sure if you’re using dark mode as a way to convince folks to switch to Android, but this seems kind of ridiculous. I’m fully updated to the latest version of iOS 13.1.3 and app version 6.0.190822. The Outlook app, which handles Gmail accounts extremely well, has already had dark mode for months. Dark mode is finally rolling out for Gmail on Android. I’ve followed all the instructions i could find online but the option just doesn’t show up for me and it doesn’t toggle automatically with iOS dark mode either. Even after the company added a dark theme to many of its apps for Android and iOS, such as Calendar, Chrome, Keep, and Photos, Gmail seemed to remain "light" for the longest time.