The Rule of Law Law is the activity of subjecting human behavior to the governance of rules. Law and social control, social change and inequality. Defense against evil is a function of law at all societal levels, but is most prominent at the international level. 2. : Function of Law in Society Published by GGU Law Digital Commons, 1973. The Chairman of the society shall have the power of overall superintendence control and guidance in respect of Management of the affairs of the society within the frame-work of the MCS Act 1960, MCS Rules 1961, the Rules and the Bye-laws of the society. So lets go back to real basics.. if you or I are on an island by ourself, we can do what we like and where we like. 3.1. The rule of law is concerned with regulating the use of power. LAW is a set of rules of conduct, established by government, for all members of society to obey and follow. THE FUNCTION OF LAW IN A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY* CHAXIys E. CLARxt W HEN, not long since, I was asked to try to explain the func- tion-if any-of law in a democratic society to a conference of scholars and writers interested in demonstrating American Regulates conduct- acts as a deterrent i.e. Avoids or Settles disputes – Contract law sets out rules for making & enforcing agreements. 3. The law plays an important part as the tool of the social control because the violation of the law implies the punishment for offenders. We can go to the toilet anywhere. et al. Law is a formal means of social control. Whereas society is a spontaneous order, the state is a protective agent with the monopoly role of enforcing the rules of the game. However, the law fails to prevent social inequality. Society uses laws (rules designed to control citizen’s behaviors) so that these behaviors will conform to societal norms, cultures, mores, traditions, and expectations.Because courts must interpret and enforce these rules, laws differ from many other forms of social control. Functions and Limitations of Law Lore Rutz-Burri. The Function of Law 1. At the same time, the law changes respectively to social changes to meet needs of the society. The primary purpose of law in society is to protect citizens from evil, or from others who seek to harm them without a valid reason or purpose. This is the type of question that continually comes up on quora. if you do “x” you face punishment “y”.