These questions were at IELTS exams in April 2020, May 2020 and June 2020. — Speaking 3 … IELTS Speaking Revision - Speaking Part 2 and Part 3 Sample Questions In the real IELTS Speaking interview, Speaking Part 2 and Part 3 questions are often of the same topic. It’s the first time for me to get such professional assistance in my English learning, most time I just learn by myself. Listening: 8.0 4. There are a number of events that require a gift exchange in my country. Finally, media these days also play a crucial role in fostering an “unrealistic” expectation among people to buy “perfect gifts” without necessarily understanding the idea of a “perfect gift”. Some changes in my study schedule has been taken according to these new materials. Listening: 7.0 Reading: 8.5 Writing: 7.5 speaking: 7.0 Even though I "succeeded" I think it´s a shame I got 7.0 in listening and speaking. Answer:  In my opinion, the effort is more important than the cost when it comes to giving a gift. 6. Bài viết xem nhiều. 2. What is more important when it comes to giving a gift, cost or effort? Can’t find what you need?Ask our teachers: Book after 1st September and save 30% on the whole course. Q. It’s really good to know what the exact problems are in my speaking and writing, so that I can focus on fixing them. Well, I just wanted to say thanks again because the course was great and it really helped in my case. Bình luận. I remembered she had told me that she wanted a ball with Manchester United symbol, her favorite football team and that ball is limited stock. Tên* Email* Website. I have been accepted by a Canadian College. This site and its owner are not affiliated with, approved by or endorsed by The British Council, Cambridge University, or IDP. In the end, please allow me to thank you again for all your patience and kindness. How has gift giving changed since your grandparents’ time? Countryside & City - IELTS Speaking Part 1, 2, 3 Topic & Questions & Model Answers Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 (in December, 2014) & Band 9 Model Essay - Topic: Horizontal… ELTS Writing Task 1 Test On 18th August With Band 8.0-9.0 Sample 1. Speaking; IELTS Speaking Part 3 topic: Gift; 0 Comment; Q. Learn how your comment data is processed. I got my IELTS academic grades with a 7 AVG (Listening 6.5 - Reading 8 - Speaking 6.5 - Writing 6). Join the ever growing group of students who we helped on the road to success and get the professional help you have been looking for. Speaking: 8.0 Hope you guys can improve your English and pass the IELTS … is registered under Kristof Abrath IČO: 07420609, 542 04, Bernartice 161 Czech Republic. IELTS Speaking Part 3 topic: Gift. © 2020 - ielts-solution | WordPress Theme: Your email address will not be published. You should say: what the gift was; who gave it to you; when you have received it; and explain why it is the best gift/ present you have ever received. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. In your country, when (on what occasions) do people give gifts to others? For full information please read our terms and conditions. Q. However, on a deeper level, we give gifts because it helps to create a stronger bond between the gift recipients and the persons, offering the gifts, by showing their love and appreciation for each other’s valuable role and presence in their lives. Do you think that people have become more materialistic when it comes to giving gifts, as compared to your grandparents’ time? Choosing a gift for someone is usually a very difficult task because you should make sure that the receiver will like it. Required fields are marked *. I wanted to thank you a lot for your help, it meant a lot! Answer:  Modern technology, like the internet, e-commerce and online shopping, has revolutionized the nature of gift giving by making it fast, affordable and convenient. I got a really good general score at the ielts exam: 8.0 Speaking Part 2&3; Describe a present (a gift) you received when you were a child You should say: ... Next Post IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #4 Describe a holiday postcard or email you received that you liked or it is important to you. How important is gift giving in a relationship? Overall Band: 7.0 is registered under Kristof Abrath IČO: 07420609, 542 04, Bernartice 161 Czech Republic. Band 9 Speaking: Part 1 – Gifts. Listening: 7.0 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Taking IELTS Test. What is the purpose of gift giving? Lefroyee was set up in 2014 shortly after I successfully passed the IELTS. Reading 7.5 Have a look at what our students have to say about Answer:  I think that it is absolutely important to exchange gifts in a relationship between partners because it would help cement and carry forward a healthy and loving relationship. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Q. How? IELTS Speaking Topics Part 3 will provide you with 12 IELTS Speaking Part 3 topics with questions. Để lại bình luận Hủy trả lời. Describe the best gift/ present you have ever received. IELTS is a registered trademark of: The British Council, Cambridge University, and IDP. Besides, our culture has grown more commercial, where “gift giving” – expensive gifts that is, has turned into a booming industry. Answer:  Yes, I would say that gift giving has changed since my grandparents’ time. On the other hands, if a person gives a lot of thoughts and times in choosing a gift in order to make sure that he/she really understands what his/her partner likes or prefers, then the gift, no matter how “cheap” it is, would surely go a long way to impress the partner. IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card. Follow-up Questions: What is the purpose of gift giving? This will help you to develop ideas for topics and practicing answering questions. Tên* Email* Website. Despite my writing score was not good (not a surprise), the overall score was ok, actually I've talked to the universities I´m interested to, and this score is enough. 3. How? The content on this site is for information purposes only. Required fields are marked *. PART 3 - Gifts topic 1. 1. What is the purpose of gift giving? 3. All the information you’ve mentioned is profound and targeted so I have no doubt that it’ll help me a lot as long as I follow it. Thanks for your help in this process. Subscribe to our email newsletter today to receive updates on the latest news and tutorials for Free. IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #3 Describe a present (a gift) you received when you were a child. How? In fact, we can choose the perfect gifts for our loved ones for any occasion, even if they live in another corner of the world, from the comfort of our homes on the internet and have them delivered to their doorsteps in hours, if not any quicker! Tags: câu trả lời mẫu ielts speaking part 3, ielts speaking gift topic, ielts speaking part 3 gift topic, sach ielts speaking hay, sách ielts speaking part 3, sách ielts speaking tốt. Please accept my sincere appreciation for all the helpful and detailed analysis. Besides, exchanging gifts is not just a simple gesture of appreciation, but giving the right gifts at the right time also shows how much a person really cares for his/her partner or understands his or her partner. So thank you very much. IELTS Speaking Part 3 topic: The internet and its impact on our social life. Why? Bình luận. The exception was writing, i got an 6.5. Back in those days, people used to give gifts mostly on some special occasions, such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries, but today, one doesn’t really have to have an occasion for it. Your email address will not be published. Nevertheless, it allows me to … Q. This site is therefore for people who are keen on learning English as a second language, English-speaking countries’ culture and struggling with IELTS. Besides, unlike in the past, people today expect “personalised” gifts with some kinds of thoughts behind them. Nevertheless, it allows me to apply for the phd. For more VOCABULARY and TIPS for IELTS and General English LIKE and FOLLOW “IELTS ACCELERATE” on Facebook Reading: 9.0