Sometimes, the most used as well. DISCONTINUED - SCROLL DOWN to see replacement information, Gate Opener Remotes, Keypads, Radio Receivers, Liftmaster 1240, 1245, 1255, 215Wd, 315Wd, Liftmaster 1250, 1260, 1260LK, 220WD, 320WD, 30323A Opto-luctor Wheel (Screw On Style), 35265A 2-Conductor Bell Wire (25 ft. With Genie, you’re assured a fantastic product at an even better price. Stock up on garage door assemblies and replacement components for ReliaG, IntelliG, PowerMax and TriloG garage door operators by Genie. In addition to the main garage door assemblies and components for the ReliaG, IntelliG and TriloG product lines, you’ll also be able to find remote controls, keypads, carriages, infra-red sensors and other parts for your Genie garage door opener. GENIE-PMX Series Chain or Belt Drive Models: GENIE STEALTH- GPS700IC, GPS1200IC, PMX700IC & PMX1200IC Belt Drive Models, GENIE 1022, 1024 & 1024 Belt & Chain Drive Models, GENIE 2022, 2024 & 2042 Belt & Chain Drive Models, GENIE 3022, 3024, 3042, 4022, 4024 & 4042 Belt and Chain Drive Models, DISCONTINUED - SCROLL DOWN to see replacement information, Gate Opener Remotes, Keypads, Radio Receivers, Liftmaster 1240, 1245, 1255, 215Wd, 315Wd, Liftmaster 1250, 1260, 1260LK, 220WD, 320WD, Genie 36179R Screw Drive Carriage Assembly for Screw Drive Machines, Genie 35048R Safety Beam Sensor Replacement Kit, Genie 25605R Inner Slide for Chain Drive Models, Genie 27096A Chain Drive Gear for Chain Glide and PMX Models, Genie 27092A Drive-Limit Worm Gear for Chain Glide and PMX Models, Genie 30257T Coupler for Screw Drive Openers Manufactured before 2011, Genie 20113R Screw Drive Limit Switch for Openers Manufactured before 2011, Genie 20462R Belt Drive Carriage Assembly, 35263R Chain Glide Carriage Assembly Retrofit upgrade, 19863R Screw Drive Clip and Collar Rail Connector Set, LiftMaster 365LM Universal Radio Receiver (plug in style), 37351R (34299R) Genie Intellicode wall console, 24701R Genie external chain drive limit switch (Chain Dog), 18004B Motor Starting Capacitor 50-60 MFD, 35035A Lens Cover Excelerator Retail Lens Cover, 33950R Genie Excelerator Open limit Switch, 20374T Genie Safety Sensors (Sensors Only), 36254R Genie Chain Drive Carriage Assembly, 27222A Genie Sprocket Bushing for PMX & Stealth Models, 28021A Genie Belt Drive Sprocket (10'-12' Channel Rail), 36220A.S (28016A) Genie Belt Drive Sprocket, 36521S.S Pro Stealth Genie Intellicode Internal Receiver, 33744A04-2 Rail Clamps for Genie Chain Glide Models (1-Pair), 26966D Genie Chain Drive Idler Pully (T-Rail-FULL CHAIN), 27145A Genie Lens Cover for PMX Chain Drive / Belt Drive Models, 37222R Genie GBWC-BX Deluxe Series III Wall Console, 36286A (35234A) Genie Screw Drive Lens Cover (Retail & Pro Models), 35426A Genie Transformer for AC Screw Drive Models (Pre 2011), 37028A/37028C/37028D Genie Control Board for 2022, 2024, 2042, 27191A Genie Chain Sprocket for 7' and 8' Chain Drive (10-Tooth), 27290A Genie Chain Drive Sprocket for 10' Chain Drive (12-Tooth), 36453A Genie Carriage for ReliaG, Chainlift and Belt Lift Models, 27838T Genie Lens Cover (Retail Screw Drive Models), 37029A Genie Lens Cover for 2022, 2024, 2042, 18295A04 Genie Header Bracket for T-Rail Units, 18586A04 Pin for Genie T-Rail Header Bracket, 24222A Genie Wire Clip for A/C Screw Drive Openers, 33905A Genie Wire Clip for Genie Excelerator Screw Drive Openers, 37028E / 36448A Genie Control Board for 1022, 1024, 1026, 1042, 37845R Genie Screw Drive Carriage for G-Power/TriloG machines, 20460R.S Genie Belt and Bullet Assy. If you don't know the part number for the Genie Intellicode parts, Genie Pro screw drive parts or parts for other Genie models, use our pictures to identify the part. Genie Screw Drive Carriage Assembly Part # 37845R.SGENIE Garage Door Openers Carriage Assembly Screw Drive Includes CarriageLeaf Spring and Rack For models TriloG 1500, 4064, PowerMax 1500, 4062, Destiny 1500, 8060 For models TriloG 1200, 3064, PowerMax View Details Request a Quote. We carry replacement Genie screw drive garage door opener circuit boards, capacitors, light sockets and motor covers. Founded in 1964, Genie has maintained its roots as a family business and continues to provide homeowners all over the country with openers, keypads, remotes, transmitters and just about any … Our illustrated parts guide at Garage Door Supply Company includes a schematic mapping out how parts fit with each other. Screw Drive Carriage Pull for Genie Garage Door Opener 36179R.S 34107R.S The inventory of parts is for Genie AC Screw Drive garage door opener models IS, ISL, IC, H, Directlift, Pro 95 and CM Series manufactured after August 2008. Why repair your garage door opener: The garage door is a big entry point to your home. Enjoy discount prices, free or low-cost shipping and our money-back guarantee on your satisfaction with every purchase of a Genie or Genie-compatible part from Garage Door Supply Company. Screw Drive Rail & Screw for 7' High Doors, 080105.0506 Genie Screw Drive Rail Strap Bolt, 743 AB Sheet Metal Screws 1/4" X 3/4" (10 pack). Channel Rail, 28770S.S Genie PMX, IC and Stealth Sprocket Bracket for 10' rail, 18428B.S Genie 7' Replacement Chain PMX Series, 20456R.S Genie 7' Chain Drive Pulley Support Kit for PMX Series, 36773R.S Genie Belt/Chain Drive Carriage(for Intellicode 2 only), 38001R2 (38513R) Genie Circuit Board Assembly (4062, 4064), 37160R.S Genie Circuit Board Assembly for PowerLift 900, 36521R.S Genie Intellicode Internal Receiver for AC Screw Drive, 00002278 Genie 24 Volt Transformer for External Receivers, 34138A10F 10 amp Fuse for Genie Excelerator, 29056R Genie Motor for Stealth Belt Drive, 37228R Genie Battery Back Up Unit (For New Series II Units Only), 080105.0506 Genie Screw Drive Rail Strap Bolt, 24311B17 Genie Chain Glide Drive Shaft Retaining Ring, 24121B05 Nut for Genie Rail Clamp (Chain Glide Only), 36435D Genie Lens Cover for 1022/1024/1042-2022/2024/2042, 36435A Genie Access Cover (Black) 1022/1024/1042-2022/2024/2042, 36608A Sprocket Guard for 1022/1024/2042 or 2022/2024/2042, 36450A Green Light Safety Sensor for ChainLift/QuietLift/ReliaG, 36450B RED Light Safety Sensor for ChainLift/QuietLift/ReliaG, 36444A Safety Sensor Brackets - 1022/1024/2042 or 2022/2024/2042, 36764A Genie Belt / Chain Drive Pulley (3024, 4024, 3042), 37857R Genie Belt Drive / Chain Drive Tensioner Assembly, 37562S Genie 8' Chain and Bullet Assembly, 37561S Genie 8' Belt Assembly for IntelliG and SilentMax, 37557R Genie Chain Bullet Assembly for Intelli-G and ChainMax, 37559R Chain Drive Sprocket & Bracket Assembly, 34518R Genie Chain Glide Front Panel with Socket, 18428D Genie 8' Chain Assembly for PMX Series (T-Rail only), 20418R.S Genie Down Limit Wire for Screw Drive (Brown), 20417R.S Genie UP Limit Wire for Screw Drive (Grey), 35627S Genie 2 pc.