I made new brackets that bolt (instead of clip) in place which took care of the problem. Your garage door seems to get stuck while opening or closing. If the trolley is stuck on the stop bolt, you will usually hear a humming sound when you try to operate the opener. I detached the garage door from the opener with the emergency pull cord so I could at least close it, and in checking the troubleshooting section of the manual, I saw another issue could be the trolley getting stuck on the stop bolt in the rail. can i repair with telephone help - Answered by a verified Home Improvement Expert. I have compared with the other garage door opener I have, and it stops on the way up 1/2 inch before the trolley hits the safety screw/bolt. Check the trolley (the part attached to the garage door that moves along the rail). When my Craftsman garage door opens up, it goes all the way up until the trolley hit the safety pin. Recently it opened all the way until the trolley hit the bolt that stops it from going any further. Malfunctioning Safety Sensors. Typically this is caused by a mis-adjustment. The RPM Sensor is bad. I have a chamberlain whisper drive plus 3/4 hps garage door opener. Because the stop tabs or stop bolts are part of the safety system and fixing a stuck trolley involves adjusting the travel limits (see above) and releasing the tension in the drive belt or chain, this type of repair is best performed by a professional. 3. The garage door opener motor will hum when attempting to open or close the door but is unable to travel due to being lodged against the bolt/tab. If you notice a problem, make sure to set it correctly. My 10yr old house has a sectional aluminum door and a 1/2hp Craftsman garage door opener. Your garage door doesn't open all the way. When I pushed the button, the door began to open but it didn't stop and hit the stop bolt causing a lot of stress on the chain. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! When I disconnected the door, it seemed to open and close by hand smoothly. Although it is unlikely, it may be stuck on the stop bolt on the rail. Once it "topped out", the opener stuck there. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The trolley can become lodged against the stop bolt/tab because the door has either opened or closed too far. The door can stop too soon if the setting is incorrect. The trolly was parked where the door would normally remain closed. 2. A problem came along after the assembly was complete and I tested the garage door opener. Garage door trolley stuck and won't reverse. This tells the door when to stop moving, for safety purposes. Par No 41DB002-2 IC: 2666A 41A5685 Date 11/06. Liftmaster 1280r trolley stuck on stop bolt. 02 of 09. hi, ... Oddly, it always wanted to reverse when the door was 6-12" from being closed.