save. Ready to go global? Sad. share. Nice, only way I could deposit was through crypto and g2a, great job bitskins! report. Are there any other good cash trading sites? checkouts, and a level of care and attention that bigger payment processors There are over 200 global and local payment methods available via the G2A PAY online payment solution.From credit and debit cards accepted worldwide, to local solution such as Alipay, Klarna, Qiwi, Webmoney etc. **, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. See how our eCommerce plugins help you get started with G2A PAY faster. methods to digital e wallets. efforts to the limit to meet high expectations for both small businesses and Get great deals on games wherever you go! **[READ THIS]( to get your GOTrade Pass to be able to post here. Archived. So the items don't sell for at least 5 % higher? Bitskins and G2A pay issue. big corporations. I think I have met an issue, when I added money in my wallet on Bitskins, by G2A Pay with my card, the transaction was put on hold and " Status at G2A: new " Moreover, I was not debited in on my bank account. Integrate the payment gateway using our slick API or read-made plugins. Let's talk about your business. Payment Issues. Due to the number of digital products offered for sale. We want to be as transparent as possible, so please have a look at the below categories to make sure we can be of service to you. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1. Selling digital or game products, offering digital services? On the 25th of March i tried to deposit 5$ on my bitskins account and saw that my g2a pay account was blocked due to suspicious activity. I was going to add $100 onto my account for a purchase but they've removed the only way I can deposit. Get great deals on games wherever you go! I was going to add $100 onto my account for a purchase but they've removed the only way I can deposit. Discover the safest and simplest way to pay online. With G2A PAY a payment gateway for digital business and digital services, add every payment method with just one integration - and start accepting over 200 global and local payment methods today. Our dedicated account managers understand global eCommerce intimately and our blog and free guides give you everything you need to succeed on a global scale. From our plugins for the most popular eCommerce platforms we make shopping and accepting payments simple. Conditions. Access problem-solving guides on how to activate products or simply contact our team for more help. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the GlobalOffensiveTrade community, Continue browsing in r/GlobalOffensiveTrade, A place to trade CS:GO items. They do not even say anything beforehand... Its just sad.. It's a quick, easy way to pay securely in any Our online payment service lets you pay however you prefer, from local payment G2A is and will allways be one of the most scummy services out there. Not just support for 200+ trusted payment simply can't match. 1 comment. So I guess I cant deposit any more money ever again, Crazy how fast a decent site can be turned into a shitshow, Yup. hide. I dont know why my paypal doesnt work. GET TO KNOW US . Shop online whenever you see the G2A PAY logo. Read the documentation for all payment solutions offered by G2A PAY and see how easy it is to accept payments from your customers, whether on mobile or desktop. I can't imagine any other reason why they'd want fewer deposits on their site, unless they're getting scammed left and right. Bitskins and G2A pay issue. Read our step-by-step guide that describes the integration process and what you need to connect with us. At G2A PAY we push our efforts to the limit to meet high expectations for both small businesses and big corporations. That's why we've done the hard work for you, from learning about regional payment service preferences to translating our checkout into 20 languages. Why are we The Global No. The fastest way to start accepting the world's favourite payment methods. Documentation, Terms and