The Fuse ESB is a pure ESB like Mule ESB, without a suite. It represents the runtime environment that hosts services. This comes with unlimited web and phone support during normal business hours. Define the model layer in mule. They are a bit away … MuleSoft's some of their components need to be paid for. JBoss Fuse Support and Pricing. Red Hat Fuse … Compare Fuse ESB Vs. Mule ESB. This layer describes the behavior of Mule … Mule ESB. Fuse ESB is a fast growing cloud-based Data Management software, it is designed to support medium and large size business. 2. Mule ESB; JBoss fuse ESB; Talend; 61. Mule ESB is low footprint, Java-based enterprise service bus. MuleSoft Mule ESB and Red Hat JBOSS Fuse, both have open source licensing terms associated with their subscriptions. Fuse ESB received a … Red Hat Fuse is an open source integration platform based on Apache Camel.It is a distributed integration platform that provides a standardized methodology, infrastructure, and tools to integrate services, microservices, and application components. JBOSS Fuse is licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License and GNU General Public License; while the licensing of Mule ESB … Pricing starts at $23,760 for a standard, one-year, 16 core subscription. Answer: The model layer is the first logical layer. It is based on de facto standards in the integration environment such as Apache CXF and Apache Camel. JBoss Fuse's all functionalities are opensource, but at the same time the integration stack is quite large to comprehend, IMHO.