This full-time, professional program, which extends over six semesters (three years), includes school visit days and a one-semester internship placement. Everybody’s got something different to bring to FUSE, so when you put that all together, it’s a natural cohesion. We help strengthen social profits through education, development, innovation and collaboration opportunities that are accessible and relevant. ICT Samachar Interview: Fuse Classroom ‘Education Digitization Grant (Non-Cash Credit) Program’ By Press Release Administrator | September 15 READ … This webinar series is designed for education institutions all over the world. FuseSchool - Global Education FuseSchool is a global Open Education charity. PRIMARY SCHOOL; MIDDLE SCHOOL; HIGH SCHOOL; COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY; TEST CENTER; TRAINING INSTITUTE ; IMPLEMENTATION; PARTNERS. FuseSocial formed in 2013 with … Admission requirements . Direct entry to the Faculty of Education from high … Advancing Our Strategic Communications 4. ABC Education - Curriculum Resources An educational website from the ABC, packed with hundreds of videos, audio clips and games. FUSE is a way to realize Helsinki’s new curricular goals for phenomena-based education. Watch and play at home and in school. Fuse Classroom’s mission is to continue helping the education sector in Nepal and developing countries towards a digital transformation. The site includes content for teachers, early and upper primary, and secondary, and parents. Focusing Our Role and Services 3. FUSE Studios are currently in six schools, including Siltamaki Comprehensive School and Arabia Primary in Helsinki. Strengthen Our Community Relationships and Engagements 2. In addition, video and audio items are accompanied by learning activities, transcripts, citation notes and copyright information. RESELLER; INSIGHTS; ABOUT; REQUEST FOR MORE INFO; Featured News. Fuse Classroom will be hosting a Digitizing Education Webinar Series that include fireside chats in which thought leaders and experts in the education and AI space discuss the importance of digitization in education and how it benefits school administrators, instructors, students, and parents. Strengthening Our Capacities To Serve. Our platform has more than 100 features including a Learning Management System and Student Information System and allows for live classes, online courses, online assessment and distribution, tracking student progress, enrollment, and more. Our Strategic Directions and Priorities: 1. There is no, I’m smarter, I am of more value. The bachelor of education (primary/elementary) as a first degree is a 150 credit hour program designed to prepare teachers of kindergarten through grade six. Apr 30, 2015 - Primary Home Page - FUSE - Department of Education & Training