Sign Up Today: Get exclusive deals, product news, reviews, and more with the Mental Floss Smart Shopping newsletter! "…..7) Well spank me cross-eyed!8) Duuuuuuuuude....9) Earned My Red Wings10) They’re off like a herd of turtles….!!! This is one of several variations of gadzooks, such as zooks, gadzookers, zoodikers, and zoonters. ... Gosh all sufficiency!”. That modifier was usually reserved for cash-draining events like the Black Thursday that precipitated the 1929 stock market crash or the 1869 gold market collapse that led to financial ruin. Again, the “Black Friday” label seemed appropriate. ... Gosh all Frighty! (Eventually, offices capitulated and gave employees the day off.). But it was Black Friday that stuck. stiffen the lizards! !17) AYI mios18) Loved it….19) "Well, I'll be go to hell! Much rather than saying “That hurts!” shouting “Ouch!” is easier and a more effective way to show what you feel. 40 Funny Expressions of Surprise. Enjoy reading these expressions. If Black Friday is such a financial benefit, why is it called Black Friday? DARE provides yet another testimony to English’s exclamatory versatility, quoting a 1959 book on the history of Vermont, which lists a colorful assortment of expressions: “Gosh all Fiddlesticks! With everyone skipping work and kids off of school, traffic in major cities became a problem. Yow, or yowza, is an exclamation of surprise or … This article contains affiliate links to products selected by our editors. is usually used in a funny context, showing surprise in a positive way. "12) Well shiver me timbers and call me Woody13) Yuppiiieeeeee…… 14) Oooooo Mann…..15) Well shoot a rabbit!16) What a day!! Beginning in the 1950s, according to Snopes, employers and media began observing the trend of people calling in sick the day after Thanksgiving—traditionally not a paid holiday—to give themselves a four-day weekend. Since our expressions are the thoughts shared by language, every person has different ways to express their emotions of joy. and stiffen the wombats!”, Jonathon Green’s tremendous GDoS records this term in the UK since the early 1900s: It’s a euphemistic version of “My ass!” This is a natural expression since, according to idiom, these are the two most easily confused body parts. 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