After speaking to Iqbal on the phone and arranging a time to see him, I was very happy with the service I received. Very well done! We bought a bonsai a year ago from Mikbonsai and went back to learn about how to better care for the tree and how to prune it. The sheer volume of flowers that appeared across the branches made a spectacular sight! Have purchased a beautiful bonsai tree for my partner and want to recommend Mikbonsai to anyone who wishes to buy a bonsai tree.Fantastic service, very knowledgeable and a very personal service. His service and time he took to take me around his collection (late evening) explaining the different aspects of looking after a bonsai was really eye opening. The new Bonsai Book for 2019 by Harry Harrington. He will tell you exactly how to keep your bonsai alive and thriving, and it’s really not about money-making for him. The service was excellent and the gentleman that served me had a wealth of knowledge on these magnificent trees. It was bare-rooted and planted into Seramis (and type of fired clay I was using around this time) and grit, and then planted into a bonsai pot. – Daytime, evening & weekend visits possible. He is a wonderful teacher and explained everything in such detail that I could not have asked for more. It takes me longer now.Thanks,Dean GamradtNow living in Minnesota, u.s. Click here for more details. How To Shape A Cherry Bonsai Tree (From Nursery Plant) – Japanese Fuji Cherry Part 2, Weeping Willow Bonsai From Cutting, Weeping willow bonsai update part 6, How to grow bonsai trees from branch cuttings. Use of Text or Images contained within this website is strictly prohibited without the express permission of Harry Harrington. Mikbonsai has a truly encyclopaedic knowledge of bonsai tree cultivation and a beautiful selection in his house and garden. I highly recommend mikbonsai if you're looking for a tree! A lack of decent trunk girth invariably requires that material needs to be greatly reduced in height for development as mame bonsai (bonsai under 6" in height). Clearly has a passion for his business. Exceptional quality of trees with a wide selection of affordable prices. Master Nagatoshi went on to receive a B.S. I would recommend anyone who is a beginner with bonsai to seek him out!!! Really useful, incredible service and have an amazing bonsai now! What Iqbal Khan does not know about Bonsai is not worth knowing! I have brought bonsai's trees from other nurseries and by far this has been the best service and quality of tree. There is no need to look anywhere else, Iqbal is the right person to go to...whether that be for lessons or a wonderfully maintained, perfectly conditioned bonsai tree. He is very knowledgeable with the trees and offers great and helpful advice. A bespoke experience! After flowering had finished, the 15"/37cm tall tree was simply a slender (1"/2.5cm diameter) trunk with a mass of small green leaves sat on top and was far from impressive to look at. If you already understand bonsai, go here. Prunus incisa is a spreading, rounded shrub (as opposed to the more tree-like habits of many other Cherry species) also suitable for use as hedging material as it responds well to frequent pruning which in turn creates a dense foliage mass. Excellent service, strongly recommended! Prunus incisa 'Kojo-no-mai', or as it is more commonly known, the Fuji Cherry is an excellent subject for bonsai cultivation. Hugely knowledgable, passionate about what he does and has a fantastic variety of trees. Mr Khan is very delightful and willing to help with advice on how to look after your trees better. It is frequently available in Garden Centres and nurseries in the UK and around Europe during the early months of Spring where it is frequently admired for its very early pink/white blossom in March. Will be booking another session in the near future. So I began the process by pruning away the top of the trunk of the tree very hard and removing many of its branches after flowering had finished. I went to the nursery a month ago and it was on e of the best days. Leaves are oval shaped and can be reduced to just 1cm or less in length, showing a mid-green colour in summer followed by a vibrant orange red in autumn. ©Harry Harrington 2019. Thank You,Will be using your pot cleaning advice.Far superior to using oils or harmful chemicals - using large amounts of scrubbing.Look forward to spending some time on your site.My first bonsai in 1972, a 25yr old rosemary, I was able to kill it quickly. Also 100% attention and time. These guys know their stuff. Shigeru, who originally started Fuji Bonsai in 1965. Very impressed and extremely pleased with the tree and whole experience. This was much earlier in my own process of learning bonsai and at the time I was reasonably satisfied with the results. So followed the good rating I had a visite and I got my tree. March 2000: the following year the Cherry bonsai flowered and indeed the results were very pleasing.