There virtually was no story line, just a group of "Friends" getting together every now and then and bitching and complaining about the world. To make ends meet she works as a maid cleaning houses, while her non-existent self esteem functions to bring her into humiliating relationships with men. At the end you're left scratching your head. I saw Friends With Money today(January 20th) at a 9:20am screening at the Eccles at Sundance. I don't have to like the characters, I don't have to feel close to them, I could even hate them, but, on some basic level I have to care what happens to them. The casting of Aniston is strange, as she is easily 10 years younger then her circle of friends. Jane (Frances McDormand) is a successful but very feisty and angry clothing designer, with a gay-seeming husband named Aaron (Simon McBurney) who attracts gay, and gay-seeming men. We wonder if there are alternative endings on the DVD? Our experience of their life's journey appears practically seamless, whereas Christine and David (Catherine Keener and Jason Isaacs) are financially comfortable, but not with each other, living in a cold, angry place. It's as if writer-director Nicole Holofcener either got tired of her characters and simply ran out of ideas. It's true that this movie is utterly bereft of car crashes and blood, but both my husband and I enjoyed it very much. Made to feel guilty. Having fled from a school teaching job, she now cleans people's houses. Unlike "Crash", this one gives us the positive and negative sides of what these people can be. It's not even arty it's just mundane. Plot. I could sum up this whole movie experience with two words: Who cares. When Christine realizes this, and that her husband knew it, she dumps him. (9 Posts) Add message | Report. It pains me to dislike a movie with Frances McDormand and Catherine Keener, but I'm afraid this one made me glad I don't have a lot of money! Because there just needed to be more. His complex portrayal of questionable sexuality and tentative exploration outside of his marriage is exquisite. They are married; she is not. The dialogue was almost predictable and unfortunately, the acting was the victim of the dialogue. Nicole Holofcener elicits interest and empathy for her characters, with an intellectually stimulating exploration of the topic of money and relationships. Olivia's three friends are Jane, Christine, and Franny. With the exception of Olivia and, to a lesser extent, Christine, we never see other sides to these people. She did a good job, among a whole group of good actors. Often laugh out loud funny, whilst simultaneously depicting those dramatic human interactions that bring your own conflicting emotions to the surface. AMR123456 Wed 26-Oct-16 22:04:38. Money with Friends Westwood One Investing 4.5 • 199 Ratings; Listen on Apple Podcasts. Am I to feel any sympathies for these people or not? There's more to their stories. Jennifer Aniston was luminous,tan,friendly warm and beautiful. Joan Cusack is awesome, Frances McDormand is a wonderfully gifted actress. Jennifer Anniston's role and her ability to carry the part are both severely flawed: Anniston brings absolutely no personality to the part, and the part itself doesn't ever really develop. Catherine Keener and Frances you can't go wrong? Is there more to life than its problems? i liked it. Is he gay or not? Rated R is always somewhat subjective...pot smoking, a lot of language, suggestive "sex scenes" etc--nothing too shocking... Nicole Holofcener has become a must-see director. While it is certainly watchable and interesting AS FAR AS IT GOES, this movie is no "Walking and Talking." There was no ending to this movie. After she quits her lucrative job, Olivia finds herself unsure about her future and her relationships with her successful and wealthy friends. But a movie like this? I want to be entertained by a movie, and I was not entertained. A stinging portrait of four friends fueled by enough angst to bring down even the most self-assured feminist. For instance, this is a point that is repeatedly made by the main characters in the film. If I wanted to see and hear that, I'd visit with my mother and my aunt. Metacritic Reviews. I have seen "Friends With Money" which was a disappointment compared to this and "Lovely and Amazing". The movie was everything I hoped it would be. And by the way, I loved "The Good Girl". Just gorgeous and enthralling dialogue. Ultimately, the feel good ending for Olivia at the end of the film feels right. I ran to see it, and not just because it had three of my favorite actresses in it. Woody Allen in slow-mo, but McDormand shines. I want to like the films Nicole Holofcener directs, because I feel that she makes sensitive, intelligent films about women from a woman's point of view, and that's a feat mainstream Hollywood has certainly never been adept at achieving. We were just getting into the drama of it all, and it was over. "Friends With Money" seems like an incomplete film. With each additional interesting project that she accepts, Jennifer Aniston edges away from the baggage of that daft and shallow TV show upon which she built her name. Enjoy and try to look at the movie as more of an art- not just any old movie. Despite this, each woman is shown as well-rounded, and some of the stereotypes surrounding American ideas of wealth are discussed and deconstructed. Utterly charming. They are thespians of the highest degree. Whatever "it" was. I enjoyed some of its parts, but not the sum of its parts. The couple with most money, Franny/Matt (Joan Cusack/Greg Germann) seem the most happy and fulfilled. This is a movie that has contradictions all over the place. I promise you will not be disappointed. movie. You could tell she loved the reaction to the movie and her performance was her most revealing yet. What an under rated dramatic actress she is.Joan Cusack could catapult herself into a whole new genre of movies with this performance.What a rare bird director,Nicole Holofcener is. After she quits her lucrative job, Olivia finds herself unsure about her future and her relationships with her successful and wealthy friends. W hen it opened in cinemas in April 2006, Friends with Money painted a witty and convincing portrait of how longtime bonds can be rocked by a growing disparity in personal spending power. There is really much to admire about this study of the well-to-do citizens of the Westside of Los Angeles. Deleted scenes? Summary: Friends With Money examines the shifting relationships between four women who have been friends all of their adult lives. Franny (Joan Cusack) is very rich, just raises her kids with full time help, and is perfectly happy with her husband Matt (Greg Germann), her two children, and the world. Although at times it seems to skim over certain issues that are produced, the overall movie left me with a confused contentment. I'd like to read the screenplay. Nicole Holofcener (Walking and Talking, Lovely and Amazing) writes superb dialogue and directs the ensemble cast with accomplished focus. If you are trying to tell a story, it has to have some natural progression, and , for Goodness sake, some purpose. " Friends with Money" has none whatsoever. also, i think it was a nice finish without it, the movie would have not had a resolution, it would have just faded out. Group of extremely dislikable people and their self-centered and meaningless lives rambling about their non-existing problems. Olivia (Jennifer Anniston) is part of a group of four women friends who're all well off, except for her. Plot Keywords Trailer for Friends With Money. It's hard to relate to that type of character. It opened the 2006 Sundance Film Festival on January 19, 2006, and went into limited release in North America on April 7, 2006. Friends with Money is a 2006 comedy-drama film written and directed by Nicole Holofcener. If the point of the movie was to have almost all of the characters be incredibly unlikeable, then I guess it succeeded. Wrong. to the world. Christine and David write screenplays together, are remodeling their house, and argue. She gives in to others even though she recognizes that it is demeaning her and this draws the audience to her character. I am a writer by trade but not in the movie industry. Witty,charming,bold confident and incisively intelligent in her answers at the Q and A. Friends with Money (2006) Plot. Summary: Friends With Money examines the shifting relationships between four women who have been friends all of their adult lives. She seemed very very happy and actually smiled at me for a solid 15 seconds after I made a comment about the warmth and kindness in the story.Joan Cusack plays a dramatic role that is very different than anything I have ever seen her play. Synopsis. We thought the film was fascinating and quirky because of the fine acting, especially Frances McDormand's. More than halfway in, I told my wife I wanted out, and she said "lets just give it a little more". In between, there's McDormand and Keener, each clinging to decidedly precarious marriages. The film steps into the lives of the four women in their everyday situation, with no back-story we are voyeurs into this snapshot moment; Who has money, Who has a good marriage/ career/life, Where are the characters in their lives? All three couples look at their younger friend Olivia (Jennifer Aniston) and judge themselves further along in their life's journey, both in the size of their bank accounts and their relationship status, i.e., married.