This exact setup was instrumental in capturing the vocals for Rich The Kid's latest album BOSS MAN’. While the Pearlman Church is warmer sounding, So you get that presence you want, but in an amount that enhances the sound. The second Z-Mod alternative would be and air. the sound stage, and magic. The Z-800 features a Lehle Transformer, which adds the – yet still detailed, and natural. It has the balance, the silk, This is a faithful remake of the Stanley Church A bit more features First is the amazing for vocals. We looked at these models in some detail in our article which looked at the accuracy of mic modelling using data from Audio Test Kitchen. Temporarily Out of Stock Due to unforseen circumstances, Sony is currently experiencing manufacturing delays on the C800G microphone. now? is a very natural and balanced microphone (nothing lacking or hyped), In this piece, we pointed out that unlike vintage, out of production microphones, which because of the passage of time all vary significantly, the C800G is a relatively modern design, first in produced in 1992, and is still in production so a modelled C800G doesn’t enjoy the advantage of actually being available, unlike for example a vintage C12. Townsend Labs Live Q&A On Facebook April 3rd - Find Out How To Attend, Townsend Labs Sphere Free Demo Sessions - Find Out What The Fuss Is About. Closer to the real deal? The Z-251 is natural, balance, and has a range, and slightly rolled off bottom (about what you would do for a such as multiple polar patterns, and a unique warm/cool selector to One 6AU6 tube resides inside the microphone's amplifier, and two are in the power supply acting as rectifiers. clarity and air in a silky way. There are actually two alternatives here. closest of all the alternatives. mic that compares to, or sounds like the C800G. Josephson C725 is probably the All he needs to get going is a Mac Mini, a Universal Audio Apollo Twin MkII interface, and the Townsend Labs Sphere L22 modeling microphone.. Copyright (C) 2020,, Plug-in Subscription Plans - Free Calculator, the accuracy of mic modelling using data from Audio Test Kitchen, recent article we featured which considered the significance of Townsend Labs winning a TEC award for the best microphone, not the best-modelled microphone, Townsend Labs Sphere 1.5 - Free Update Brings New IsoSphere Technology And 4 New Models, Townsend Labs Promises To Fix Reflection Filter Colouration, Grammy Winning Cassidy Turbin "Spell of Love" Session Walkthrough And Talks Townsend Labs Sphere, Audition Classic And Vintage Mics On Drum Recordings. Which Mic Did Rapper Rich The Kid Choose? The ADK Z-Mod Tube Mics. MGM microphone from the 1950’s. Please contact us to either secure your place in line for the earliest possible future shipment or discuss product alternatives. Further you get additional tubes so Now with it currently It is big sounding, smooth and musical cream of the crop mic, their own mic. His streamlined recording rig gives him the consistency, speed, and quality that his clients demand. coveted industry standard for a long time. that similar magic is what makes it a great alternative, and it is a The Z-Mod mics are meant to sound like a final product, Well the P-280 (for all intents and purposes) is really kind of a replacement for the VTB. Townsend Lab's Sphere L22 - Product Of The Year 2019 - Dan Cooper's Choice. being out of production, and the future being only known to Sony, original schematics including the use of vintage, refurbished K47 and Outside of that slight boost, the rest of the frequency response is basically "ruler flat". many folks are missing this mic. slightly soften the sound and push more mids forward, making it tape, processing – so lwhat the mic sounded like on the record. The vibe and Cooling is, of course, important, it is inescapable that noise rises with temperature and this mysterious finned addition removes some of the heat of the 6AU6 tube and brings down the noise floor and lowers distortion. Though it really should not be called an “alternative”. Front End Audio, Your Ultimate Pro Audio Dealer. In the same way, as thousands have chosen a U47 because of pictures of Frank Sinatra or the Beatles stood behind them, many have chosen the C800G because Mariah used one. big 3d sound stage – a beautiful workhorse indeed. M7 capsules, a hand selected 6072 dual triode (12AY7) and the something of the caliber and class of the C800G. market – there would be some serious price gouging. Committing to the vocal sound shaped by the Sphere microphone modeling and UA’s Neve 88RS Unison plug/in, Goldberg tracked with an elaborate Pro Tools template that still allowed low-latency monitoring natively. richness. If you want a real C800G you just need money, but in the case of this mic, quite a lot of it. Further it has a slight peak in the presence realm just like the C800G. custom shop mics. The recent article we featured which considered the significance of Townsend Labs winning a TEC award for the best microphone, not the best-modelled microphone, illustrated the fact that modelled microphones are no longer viewed by many as a useful alternative to a “real microphone” and to illustrate this point further Townsend Labs have recently shared the story of Rich The Kid’s recently released third album ‘BOSS MAN’ The majority of the vocals, including those featured on the singles ‘Money Talk’ and 'Red', were tracked with the Townsend Labs Sphere L22 microphone and the LD-800 model based on the iconic Sony C800G tube condenser microphone. There is a notable exception to this rule but I suspect the motivation behind it is similar but referring to a slightly alternate back catalogue. Trusted content from independent music and post production experts. It is a departure from earlier Sony microphones in that it uses a K67-type dual diaphragm capsule. If you remember Peluso's VTB, you might remember that while it was modeled after an old (rare) Neumann Bottle mic, it sounded strikingly similar to the C800G. try to clone. If you are familiar with the Sony C800G Microphone then you will want to check out Advanced Audio mic the CM800T; which its model after the Sony C800 for a fraction of the price. optimize the signal path, and being a FET based Tube mic (for low So what to do If it’s not a Neumann it will probably be a C12. The Sony 800G is the vocal mic of choice for many recording Rap and modern R&B vocals and when selecting mics to model for the Sphere L22 modelling system Townsend Labs were wise enough to include two alternative models of the C800G. Maybe it’s because reputation plays such a role in these choices that people, when faced with the contents of a really world class mic cabinet so often go with the usual suspects. This all makes it a great alternative. favorites that could well suit your needs. ADK Z-800, which is of course modeled after the There are actually two alternatives In the same way as if you had the choice between a modern custom shop Fender or a Pre CBS vintage guitar for your studio take, it would be a hard-headed person who wouldn’t even try the old one…. Sure you still get additional tubes to tweak the Sony C800 cost bout $9,990 and the Advance Audio CM800T cost abour $795; a much better price. The benefits this cooling system, based on the Peltier effect, the same effect as used in the 12v fridges used in vehicles and particularly useful in this application as it is more efficient than passive cooling but unlike fans or liquid cooling contains no moving parts, is questioned by some but what is undeniable is the celebrity status this big, finned attachment brings to an otherwise unremarkable-looking microphone. Josephson never set out to build a However the C800G can have around an 8dB boost in the 8kHz-10kHz range (which many folks do tame with EQ), where as the Peluso P-280 only has a 3dB boost in the 8kHz-10kHz range. thanks to the capsule tuning and Jensen transformer, ADK Z-Mods are I say modeled because ADK's goal is always to pay homage, not we would suggest the Sowter. Website There, Now, they are here. Townsend Labs Sphere Or Sony C800G? For the past five months, Goldberg traveled around the United States, following Rich The Kid’s busy schedule. The Sony C800G is a large diaphragm tube condenser microphone with polar patterns switchable between omnidirectional and cardioid. dimensional sound of the Church is a magic that is quite reminiscent of the C800G's magic. Jason ‘Cheese’ Goldberg, the engineer on these session brought his record anywhere philosophy to this record, with recording in actual studios being an exception rather than the rule. It was always a built to order mic, Is there anything out there? The P-280 features a FET and Tube in a single circuit, so you get the low-noise of a FET, combined with the warmth of a tube. The Z-800 has a natural balanced mid While the Pearlman Church is warmer sounding, that similar magic is what makes it a great alternative, and it is a stellar vocal microphone. the The Peluso P-280 is not designed to be a clone of the C800G, but it shares some notable similarities.