It has a dual action truss rod. Your email address will not be published. The neck is short scale and made from maple, and it is a fast neck. The hardware is basic but attractive. Fender 5-string Bass Guitars Read our Bass Guitars Buying Guide. We have been so impressed by every guitar on this list from the cheapest upwards. If though you are looking to give it some air and maybe solo it a bit, it will be very good. Best 5-String Bass Guitars In 2020 – Top 8 Rated Reviews, Top 8 Best 5-String Bass Guitars In 2020 Reviews. In recent years they have become more popular. Included are H5 magnetic double coil pickups which have a quad pole design with Alnico magnets that create some clean and warm tones. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. The sound it produces is good quality and far exceeds the price tag expectancy. Surprisingly well. Cosmetically it is a long way behind its competitors and with most of the opposition supplying humbuckers and other little extras, it could be said that this bass is nothing out of the ordinary. Suffice to say that both kinds of wood used and materials for the hardware are all of high quality and Yamaha have not cut corners in producing this excellent quality bass guitar. They are though attempting to get into the marketplace and are producing some very good bass guitars at very good prices in an attempt to do so. It will never compete with the big boys of course but then wasn’t supposed to. 5 string bass, best 5 string bass, used 5 tsring bass, bass guitars for sale, bass price, best price fender, fender precision Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/.liquid Free Shipping on orders over $50 *remote area exclusions Black Friday Deals – Save Up to 96%! Price wise it is an excellent choice and good value for money. If you are wanting to get a new sound and feel, then this bass is definitely worth a look. So, What’s The Best 5-String Bass Guitar? They produce a punchy sound at the top end with warm tones from the bottom. You can also call us toll free at (800) 222-4700, Mon-Thu 9-9, Fri 9-8, and Sat 9-7 Eastern. , Most orders are eligible for free shipping! It is a bit bottom heavy though and you may find you will lose a little bit of top end when using it. 5-string Bass Guitars. Dreadnought; Classical; OM and Auditorium; Parlor; 12-String; ... Fender American Professional Jazz Bass V with Maple Fretboard Natural 2017. It’s not precocious, it does its job and does it well. 55-point Guitar Inspection. It brings Yamaha build quality and adds some great innovations to help you create and develop your own sound. For many people that is going to be more than enough. Note: If you click a link on this page, then go on to make a purchase, we may receive a commission but at no extra cost to you. All pre-owned items are rated and scored. Possibly, but it would do well in the hands of someone who knows a little of what they are doing. Its physical likeness to its competitors, with one or to exceptions, very apparent. Learn More. Free 2-year Warranty. Required fields are marked *. There is a 3 band active eq to allow sound creation and a blend control to mix the sound between the pickups. Dedicated Sales Engineer. It is a combination that works very well. Schecter have put their own Diamond bass pickups on this model, one at the bridge, one at the neck. $750 to $1000 (5) $1500 to $2000 (12) $2000 to $3000 (3) $ to $ Color. Fender.... Made In USA 1998 American Fender Jazz Bass V 5-Strings Guitar In Case It might be low-end cost-wise but not in playability and performance. As with most things Schecter, this guitar is beautifully made with a lot of attention given to detail. The body is made from Alder. There are two split coil pickups with a volume and tone control for each giving you a few sound options. The second, Series mode brings in the humbuckers with that warm full tone with plenty of bottom end. Your email address will not be published. It is both warm and crisp and has a powerful sound and an abundance of sustain. The sound for a guitar with such a low price tag is really quite a pleasant surprise. As we review these bass guitars one thing begins to be apparent. Well, let us just say it is cheap at the price. Learn more. On the underside of the body is the compartment for a battery. Buy online or at your local store today! They have produced a short scale instrument with a lightweight body. There is an LED low battery alert light. The body finish is beautifully crafted giving you an impressive looking instrument. Sound wise it is very aggressive. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. 1. The neck has a 5 piece mahogany/maple build that is very stable and secure. This bass guitar has a big sound generated by the EMG pickups and helped along the way by the EQ options. The LX205 is an example of their product line. It comes with J5 single coil pickups and an active PHAT-II bass boost. Some may not like the short scale, but for others, it will be a major plus. Get More at Sweetwater. Two humbuckers are the choice for the pickups at neck and bridge positions. We wouldn’t say that this is the best bass guitar Ibanez has ever produced but it has a lot going for it. 5501 U.S. Hwy 30 W, Fort Wayne, IN 46818 We are all aware of what they have given the world in 4 string guitars, let’s see what they have given to the marketplace for 5-string basses. As the bass guitar moves through the 21st Century and the five string bass celebrates its 50th birthday there has never been a better time to make the step up to five string. 55-point Guitar Inspection. [The protective plastic covering has not been removed from the back control plate.] Another 5-string from Schecter. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. The three band EQ has an active/passive preamp. On the underside, there is a compartment for the 9v battery. Free 2-year Warranty. Search Trustscore 4.8. Not the cheapest by any means but a stunning instrument on every level. Now is the perfect time to get the gear you want with simple, promotional financing. With this bass guitar, you get what you see, and hear.; ... Affinity Series™ Jazz Bass® V (5-String) $249.99 2 colors Spend over $50, Get $20 2-Day Shipping! The body is crafted from Alder which is an interesting choice. It is deep and very punchy with a lot of drive and sustain. Maybe they feel they don’t have to be, but compared with some of its competitors, this bass looks quite ordinary. We are looking at 5 string basses and say the words bass guitar and you think Fender. Fender label this bass guitar as being for a beginner. As premium price, 5 string bass guitars go, you will be hard pushed to find better value for money anywhere. Some see them as oddities that make no real improvements to the art of playing the bass guitar. The next generation of Fender’s American-built Precision, the Fender American Ultra Precision Bass, is a doozy. Current Matches Filter Results (15) Category: Buy & Sell (15) Location: Ontario (14) Barrie (2) Brantford (1) Hamilton (3) Kitchener Area (2) Ottawa / Gatineau Area (1) St. Catharines (1) Toronto (GTA) (4) Offer Type: All Types Offering (14) Featured Ads: All Ads Urgent Ads; Price - Update. It is certainly very easy to play and the double cutaways allow full access to the fingerboard, and it is of course beautifully designed and manufactured. Short scale necks are of course lending themselves to less stretching and smaller distances to cover which naturally makes them quick and easy to play. Lots of bottom and mids, but access to some twangy top if that is what you want. Most people who read our reviews will be aware of how highly we rate the impact of Fender guitars but more especially Fender bass guitars. The bottom end is rich and it has a powerful vibrant top. We are looking at 5 string basses and say the words bass guitar and you think Fender. Similar in some ways to the Stiletto but a slightly cheaper version. Fender. Fender MB-5 5-string bass [Made in Japan] in excellent playing condition with nice low action.