Breakthrough and isotherm experiments are carried out on carbon-based sorbents to … The Fayer group is pursuing research on the ultrafast dynamics, interactions, and structure of a range of complex molecular systems. Students must obtain a department-approved lab coat and safety glasses. Author: Chidsey, Christopher Corporate Author: Stanford University. Michael Fayer. Professor Robert L. Byer has conducted research and taught classes in lasers and nonlinear optics at Stanford University since 1969. Dr. Fayer's Lab Homepage. Department of Chemistry Description: Introduction to modern electrochemical measurement in a hands-on, laboratory setting. Lab courses have a mandatory, non-refundable fee. Minors in the Lab; Visiting Undergraduates Participating in Research or Clinical Activities (VSR) Yale Undergraduate Researchers in the Lab; Visiting Assistant in Research; News; ... Michael Fayer, Stanford University. Fayer came to Stanford in 1974 and was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2007. Physical Seminar - Michael Fayer, Stanford University Event time: April 13, 2021 - … I graduated from Stanford with a Ph.D. in physical chemistry form the Fayer lab, with expertise in ultrafast lasers and spectroscopy. Professor Michael Fayer Department of Chemistry Stanford University Host: Professor Aaron Massari. The energy consumption of lab lasers is not well known and when the Fayer lab needed a new laser, Todd Eberspacher, the facilities manager for Stanford’s chemistry buildings, took the opportunity to measure the energy consumption of old and new equipment types. Dr. Fayer's Department of Chemistry Profile. Traditional Chemistry Concentration. About. Here, he explains why chemistry interests him more than black holes, why chemists call it the central science and what it’s actually like in a chemistry lab. F16-CHEM-174-01 : Electrochemical Measurements Lab. 2016 Fall. The department makes these available for purchase at the lowest possible price during the first few days of each quarter. Adsorption and membrane processes are investigated for carbon capture applications.