Try to determine if you searched the entire property to find an appropriate septic drainage field (in many cases, one section of the property may fail the test, while another section of the property may pass in bright colors). You can do an informal perc test by shoveling out a hole a few feet deep. In preparation for that, we are having a perk test completed. Briefly, the Perc Test consists of measuring the rate of water drop (or infiltration) in at least six vertical holes dug in the intended absorption area, see Figure 2. Well, we got word today that the perk test failed on the front 4 acres of the property (where we are looking to build). The holes just filled with water to the top. If a lot fails the perc test, it may be difficult or impossible to get a permit for a septic system. Fail a perc test? THAT PERCULATIONS TEST FAILED ON ME AND I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW, THE WATER COMPANY WILL NOT HOOK UP TO MY TRAILOR BECAUSE THEY SAID I HAVE TO HAVE A PERMIT TO INSTALL A SEPTIC SYSTEM IN THERE AND SINCE I CANT DO THAT, I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO USE THE OLD SEPTIC SYSTEM AND PAY FOR WELL WATER TO BE ISNTALLED BECAUSE I HAVE … My husband and I have 10 acres in TN that we are looking to build a home on. Does anybody have any experience in this situation and if so, what are options we could look at? We found a great property which also had a failed perc test... we made an offer contingent on getting a septic permit (to secure the land) and then hired a soil scientist to run the test and design the system (and we ended up w/ a peat moss based system - which is fairly new technology, but more expensive than a traditional system). The Perc Test must be conducted by the SEO. We also had a failed perc test. Not sure how it may work on your site, but our site is on a slope and we moved perc area and re dug about 40 metres away and higher up and got far better soil conditions. The Perc Test is a relatively complex procedure designed to determine how rapidly effluent will enter the soil on your property during the wettest, worst-case conditions. If your property fails your perc test, don't panic. The perc test results may have a lot to do with whether you want to buy a lot or how much you pay for it. Tests passed with flying colours. Dry weather will help too. Due to varying reasons, such as groundwater issues, high water tables, and soil structure, a property may not pass a percolation (or “perc”) test. There are properties out there that will not be suitable for septic systems. If the percolation rate of soil on a property is found to be unacceptable, it will fail a perc test. If you already own the lot, your results may decide how much it is worth, and what you can do with it.