, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Introduction to the Western Australian Flora, Rearrangement of the Herbarium collections, How to Collect and Document Marine Plants, Threatened and Priority Flora Report Form. Search our Site    Magnoliophyta Red / pink flowers in Winter. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Drought tolerant. Publication Links    Stock Image Catalog    Local Government Areas (LGAs): Augustus, Cape Range, Carnegie, Central, Central band, Nullarbor Plain, Chichester, Eastern Goldfield, Eastern Mallee, Eastern Murchison, Fortescue, Hamersley, Hampton, Lateritic Plain, Northern band, Carlisle, Roebourne, Southern Cross, Tallering, Trainor, Western Murchison, Wooramel. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; I’m the SA mallee, Mediterranean climate, sandy soil, an unusually wet winter & spring. Low shrub 1m high x 1m across, trim to shape. SKU: ERM-MACB Categories: Emu Bush, Plants, Shrub. brevifolia FAM: MYOPORACEAE Height: *1-1.5m Width: *2m Form: Dense Shrub Flowers: *4cm long, <5cm diam. This dense, evergreen Australian shrub provides great winter color. J.Adelaide Bot.Gard. They can also be used as … amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "auto"; Beautiful and sturdy shrub for dry areas. Myoporaceae Form: Shrub Seasonality: Evergreen. Chinnock Native Fuchsia. Eremophila maculata brevifolia Valentine is a long blooming shrub. Eremophila Maculata Subsp Brevifolia — Lullfitz Nursery. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; I planted Eremophila glabra in spring 2015 and they grew very well. brevifolia. Red Eremophila (Emu Bush) Eremophila maculate v. brevifolia . High resolution images are available from our garden image collection. Tip: be sure to look for selections that offer a variety of leaf forms and flower colors. It was first formally described in 1822 by John Bellenden Ker Gawler as Stenochilus maculatus Ker Gawl. A popular garden plant Eremophila maculata comes in a number of forms including a range of flower colours and sizes. Plants Shrub List    Eremophila glabra Fire and Ice * Fire and Ice Emu Bush amzn_assoc_emphasize_categories = "1036592,16310101,1055398,133140011,599858,2972638011,228013"; Small hardy shrub with pink-purple flowers in winter-spring make this an excellent plant for waterwise gardens. Contacts    Eremophila maculata Valentine * Valentine Emu Bush. Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions. Eremophila maculata * Spotted Emu Bush → conforms with the copyright statement. Height Range. Shrub . BREVIFOLIA - "NATIVE FUCHSIA". Home    A yellow form that is sometimes just called yellow, Eremophila maculata aurea. Magnoliopsida Eremaean Province, South-West Province. FloraBase is produced by the staff of the Western Western Australian Herbarium (1998–). A one of a kind from Australian Outback Plants. Eremophila maculata subsp. Pink, Red . The Valentine Emu Bush blooms all year but slows down for the summer. Eremophila Valentine grows to 3 feet tall and will spread to 4-5 feet wide. → Eremophila bignoniifolia x polyclada * Big Poly Emu Bush < Back to plant list. Eremophila R.Br. Cook's Corner    Botanical Name: Eremophila maculata v. brevifolia: Add. Scrophulariaceae Juss. EREMOPHILA MACULATA SUBSP. Pink Tube Seasons: in Winter and Spring Position: in Full sun Location: Plains, 2nd line coast or Inland Tolerate: Lime, Drought, Mod frost Soils: Sand, Loam or Clay SoilKind: Well drained or Dry pH: Neutral to Very Alkaline Watering: Low (Estimated) Uses: … EREMOPHILA Maculata x Brevifolia - Outback Cupid — Australian Outback Plants - Native Plant Nursery - USA. Erect, diffuse shrub, 0.2-1.5(-2.5) m high. Wildlife Photography, Home → The same began happening to the Eremophila maculatas in … Eremophila maculata has several varieties on the market. Eremophila aurea * Golden Emu Bush A slow growing, mounding shrub native of Australia. Cite FloraBase. Carnarvon, Coolgardie, Gascoyne, Gibson Desert, Great Victoria Desert, Hampton, Little Sandy Desert, Mallee, Murchison, Nullarbor, Pilbara, Yalgoo. Both the blue flowering, grey leaved Eremophila hygrophana and red flowered, green leaved Eremophila maculata brevifolia were clipped very successfully into low hedges and were mobbed by feasting honeyeaters. Fl. Suits variety of soils and conditions. → FloraBase—the Western Australian Flora. Book Reviews    Eremophila maculata brevifolia Valentine is a long blooming shrub.