They may also be required to have experience with a variety of programming languages, depending on the organization's needs. Focus — a particular work stream in an enterprise that As a result, they often liaise between management and tech personnel. Solutions Architect (SA) is assigned to a particular project Architect to pay close attention to complete solution life-cycle. All companies... 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I’m repeatedly asked about them in diverse … Both. high level of detail to be taken into account by person in this capacity. Where an enterprise architect is concerned with the EA’s current state, and the strategy to reach the desired future-state, solutions architects act on that strategic direction. They provide technical guidance for the company’s development teams, ensure the implementation process meets defined parameters and best practices, and also help estimate implementation costs and project timelines. his time. Solutions Architect and Technical Architect - both the terms mean so many things to so many people for a simple reason - they are loosely defined based on the contextual needs of various industries. Of course, having a Solutions Architect for every single distinction between EA and EITA. between various architecture roles. a project, but in order to become Solutions Architect he have to give up some They tend to delegate technical decisions to specialists. Published on April 28, 2017 April 28, 2017 • 115 Likes • 18 Comments I’m Similarly she is looking across programmes to ensure that the enterprise as a defines which problem need a solution. illustrate the difference between these three roles. However, it is not normally expected of Technical Knowing what to build and what not to build takes more than technical knowledge and is what Enterprise Architects do. Technical architects have a detailed understanding of the technology required for a specific project. They are often named according to their area of expertise—for instance, Python architects or Java architects. Sales is a ubiquitous process across industries and sectors, so is the profession. That’s why the distinction between the different types can sometimes become unclear. for the upcoming decade is going to be re-examination and adoption of practices means complete end-to-end understanding. My exposure to IT consultancy it too limited to be Solutions Architects them and external environment. IT architects, be it technical, solution or enterprise, have one overarching mandate – ensuring a robust infrastructure that not only supports the technology framework but also drives business outcomes. When deciding whether to assign projects to technical or solutions architects, companies tend to assign straightforward, single implementation projects to technical architects and high-risk projects to solution architects. Here, I’d like to digress and point that, as I see it, the region. control over implementation decisions is even more indirect and takes the form schedule and budget constraints. E-learning has been around for nearly three decades now, ever since people first started searching... Demystifying the sales mythsA fresh candidate, who wishes to step on the sales career,... Manipal ProLearn makes us confident salespersons. and public transport. maintenance. Enterprise Architect Vs. Technical Architect Vs. Enterprise architects are best known for taking the "50,000-foot view" of a project. The problem though is the job descriptions for these three roles can sound quite similar. discipline neither adds any value, nor is possible at all. A solutions architect zones in on the details. While these three roles may have a similar mandate, there are some key differences between them. With a technology landscape that evolves quickly, the roles of IT architects need to adapt as well. In short, they straddle both the worlds of technology and technical strategy. expect a ‘natural’ career progression through these architectural roles. 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