IELTS Speaking Exam Summary - PART 1: Introduction & Interview. I’ve used it and I like them. HII Assalamo Alaikum Sabrina,where are u from? When introducing yourself in a group or at an event (like a party or a conference), it’s helpful to explain your connection to other people in the group or event. Hi, I am Maria. I like the way you teaching and its seems like fruitful for me. IELTS Speaking: Introduction. I love to learn English but unfortunately where I live there is no one who is interested in English to practice with, I mean face to face or practice conversation. To test speaking skills, you will be assessed on your ability to produce spoken English … How did it help you? I have many hobbies the favorite hobby is draw on the walls and jars. Hello, my name is Matt Lemanski. I hope my English will b enhanced too much in future. I also love running. And I’ve never been to Nancy, but I hear that it’s a pretty city! Private business English lessons: Is now a good time? The IELTS Speaking module is a face-to-face interview divided into three parts. The best advice I can give you to improve your fluency is to fix very specific goals (like “Learn to introduce myself”), then work on that one goal until you feel comfortable enough. Thanks for your course it’s very helpful !! If you take the IELTS, your self-introduction may sound a little different, since the Speaking Test is structured like a conversation. I like your way to explain, Hello abbas i am so intersting in english The speaking module is the same in both the academic and general training versions of IELTS. It,s me Niaz from Pakistan. Hi christina, Hi, I am Nabaraj and I am from Nepal, I really loved the way that you explain us and its understandable, all of us want to speak fluent English and we don’t have partners, so can we share our mobile number or any social networks for having the conversation each other., More fluency & confidence in English, in less time. We’ll see if we have the same ideas . Thanks a lot and may be we meet in Paris one a day , So I m Nadjet and I am a software engineer. Are you also looking for French lessons? Bam, Renuka!!! I just start with the first topic : Intriduce your self … and boooom … I find this lovely course.. Hi Hugo! All. Unsubscribe anytime. thanks a lot , see you. I liked your ways to teach speaking English by the medium of communication. hello Christina,i am from China,i want to improve my spoken english,can you help me? I have had an interview last week and recruiter asked me the same question but i was actually confused in what to answer exactly as it was my first interview. christina rebuffet this is irfan from india Before, I used to work as a key Accounts Manager and Business Developer in a Collection Agency. A few months ago, i started to learn English and i cant speak English very well. It’s quite easy to be written but why i’m always nervous if speak in front of the class. Have you ever been to Grenoble? And do they give you any advice for improving? now I’m completing my study at university How to Introduce Yourself in English (Like a Pro). Ok,It’s my turn to introduce myself. And I really would like to get to know you better. It’s more common than phrases like I was born in / I grew up in. Hi Nadjet, Thanks so much! Where do you live in France? hi christina It’s a very outstanding article I read for introduction. Practice the vocabulary and expressions you need to make fluent small talk. to speak with me face to face or via chat can you help me ? I don’t know how to speak in english. The first thing is to find a way to start practicing if that’s your goal! Even so, if your goal is to speak English more fluently, it’s a good idea to develop a clear and brief introduction for yourself. Hi, my name is Tom and I am about to start my exchange semester. I have worked as a business manager for more than 10years. 1x . I love to learn English i want topic with France such that. In English-speaking culture, we often connect by telling a story or showing we understand a problem the audience has. Yes, I live in Grenoble, actually! For this, you’ll need the present perfect continuous tense. Why do they say your English is not good? Introduction to Conversational English Learn how to have an English conversation and gain confidence speaking English … I come from New Delhi in India and just started as an Au pair in New York. Have a good night! Do you have opportunities to use your English daily, but are afraid because you’re shy? When you introduce yourself in English, the vocabulary isn’t very complex. You can just say  “Hi, I’m (first name) and I just started as a (job title) in the (name of your department) department.”. i wana learn speak in english, I stopped talking and fell nervous and start thinking what to say how to say .These are my problems. It’s polite and friendly to give some information about yourself. nice article with good information. I´m from Mexico but I´ve been working in Virginia for a couple years, So I dont speak English but I want to do it and you really help me so much.