New records are being set around the world due to climate change, and the adverse effects of this change are already affecting agricultural production in Europe, especially in the south. Results of the initial study … : 1991. Using 11 different climate projection models, and 18 different milk production models, we estimated potential milk loss from UK dairy cows as climate conditions change during the 21st century. Assessing the economic consequences of climate change requires comprehensive assessments of the impact chain from climate to crops and the economy. Algorithms used for milk production and conception rate were previously developed and validated. Animal Production, 53, ... ‘Effects of climate change on wheat production potential in the European Community’. Three widely known global circulation models (GISS, GFDL, and UKMO) were used to represent possible scenarios of future climate. Climate change is seen as a major threat to the survival of many species, ecosystems and the sustainability of livestock production systems in many parts of the world. The potential direct effects of possible global warming on summer season dairy production and reproduction were evaluated for the United States and Europe. The initial study was published in 1997, based on output of HadCM2 model forced with greenhouse gas concentration from the IS95 emission scenarios in 1997. ‘The effect of summer decline in conception rates on the monthly milk production pattern in Israel’. A report examining the effect of climate change on some of Australia's most common agricultural products paints a dire prediction of future production in a warming world. Google Scholar Wolf, J. and Diepen, van C.A. … Climate is an essential element in agricultural production, and climate change inevitably have an impact on agriculture. The Effects of Climate Change on Global Food Production from SRES Emissions and Socioeconomic Scenarios is an update to a major crop modeling study by the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). Kahn, H.E. European Journal of Agronomy, 2,281–292. Green house gases (GHG) are released in the atmosphere both by natural sources and Klinedinst PL, Wilhite DA, Hahn GL, Hubbard KG (1993) The potential effects of climate change on summer season dairy cattle milk production and reproduction.