Subscribe Now For Access. Eared Grebe juvenile podiceps nigricollis. The most abundant grebe in the world, the Eared Grebe is a small waterbird with a very thin bill and a bright red eye. If it is a juvenile grebe, it is so much bigger than the other chicks that were still trying to climb on mama's back. It was taken at Weed Lake, east of Calgary, Alberta, in the company of the Eared Grebes. - GJ371B from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Select from premium Eared Grebe of the highest quality. Panoramic Composition of Eared Grebe in Winter Plumage Swimming in Still Water at Sunset with Reflection. Find the perfect Eared Grebe stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Eared Grebes breed in large freshwater lakes and reservoirs in eastern Washington in areas with open water and emergent vegetation. Eared Grebe has black neck; Red-necked Grebe has rufous neck. Red-necked Grebe has yellow at base of bill: Eared-grebe does not. I would very much appreciate if someone could please ID this bird for me. Thank you to anyone who can help. In the summer months, golden wisps fan out from their cheeks as they dance and run across the water courting. Unlock thousands of full-length species accounts and hundreds of bird family overviews when you subscribe to Birds of the World. Image by: 1, 9) Len Blumin - California 2) Phillip Cowan 3) Dick Daniels - Half Moon Bay, California 4) Mike Pazzani 5, 6, Bill Bouton - California 7) Alan D. Wilson - British Columbia 8) Cristiano Crolle - Maggiore Lake, Italy Probably as an adaptation to life in the arid west, it is flexible in distribution, quickly taking advantage of temporary or man-made new bodies of water. Eared Grebe. Juvenile plumage is buff-gray with a white chin. Could it be a non-breeding adult? With it`s beak wide open. They are quick to take advantage of temporary or man-made bodies of water. Gregarious at all seasons; nests in dense colonies, sometimes congregates in huge numbers on lakes during migration and winter. Juvenile like winter adult, but dark areas are usually browner, often with pale gray tinge on lores, some white markings behind eye, buff tinge on side of head and upper neck. Range and Habitat. Habitat. A common grebe of freshwater lakes in the west. Eared Grebe: Breeds from British Columbia, southern Manitoba and the Dakotas south to California, New Mexico, and northwest Texas. Download this stock image: Young Black Necked Grebe / Eared Grebe / Schwarzhalstaucher ( Podiceps nigricollis ), immature, juvenile grebe, swimming close.