Should I got for 27 vigor, 20 endurance and split the two between strength and dexterity? Edit: This is for PvP, by the way Broken Straight Sword Regular Stance 70/0/0/0/0 40/25/20/20/25 0/0/0 8/8/0/0 D/D/-/-100 1.0 30 30 3 N/A N/A Yes Yes Dark Sword Regular Stomp 110/0/0/0/0 55/35/30/30/35 0/0/0 16/15/0/0 C/D/-/-100 4.5 35 80 500 N/A N/A Yes Hello, everyone! Let's make a few categories. I'm considering a level 120 build for the sunlight straight sword and I would love to hear some suggestions. Some people perform better with a weaker weapon that suits their playstyle than with a popular OP weapon. Dark Sword Once again, another unassuming weapon that can become a weapon of utter destruction in the right hands – and with the right infusion. Right now I know I want 60 faith, but I'm unsure of the other stats in regard to vigor, endurance, strength, and dexterity. BEST ONEHANDER to accompany a shield A great choice for sword-and-board—that is, fighting with a sword and shield. All the other straight swords are perfectly usable with only 1 or 2 differences that make them somewhat lesser in comparison, but a straight sword is always a straight sword LKS is the best due to its overall range and damage, but imo the standouts are its crit modifier, making it ideal for backstab fishing and its 2 handed r2 is a ridiculous poke. It’s a straight sword that deals great damage at decent range. There's a sword that the sword-n-shield drakekeepers drop that has good damage, on par with the sunlight straight sword. Thank you for the help! A +10 sun sword gets 350 AR on a 40/40, a bit more than that hard to farm no-scaling sword. The Sunlight Straight Sword is found fairly late in the game at Lothric Castle-- (as the above video shows.) There is no 'best' weapon. Faith Weapon #3: Golden Ritual Spear Another strange one. Of all the straight swords, the Estoc boasts the best thrusting attacks and high damage output. In PvP its fast moveset combines with deceptively long range to make you a truly terrifying opponent. Luckily, it scales pretty well with faith. Fairly easy to farm off of the Darkwraiths found in Farron’s Keep, the Dark Sword can be infused with pretty much anything, and can also use the Stomp Weapon art, allowing it to deal a lot of pain to whoever you point its blade at. The Dark Sword is a powerful weapon that will suit newer players or those running a build that mixes strength and dexterity.