Slimming … It’s commonly used to elevate the flavor of dishes like soups, salads, and fish recipes. Fresh, Frozen or Dried Parsley? Can you use dried parsley flakes as a substitute for fresh parsley? If you have more parsley than you can use right now, don’t hesitate to dry the surplus and store them. Easy Methods of Drying Parsley at Home Air-drying parsley. It’s very affordable, about 10 cents for a 50-mg capsule. Dried parsley keeps for about a year. You can even dry parsley by air drying it or putting it under the sun for several days. Using the dry weight estimate of 4.2 grams equalling a teaspoon, o ne teaspoon of organic DRIED parsley would give you 575 mg of apigenin. Parsley can be used in almost any savoury dish. Then fold the parchment paper into a funnel and pour the dried parsley into an air-tight storage container (I like to use glass jars). More Recipes Like This: How to Dry Oregano In The Oven; How to Oven Dry Parsley. You can use it as you would fresh ones. Substituting Dried Parsley Flakes for Fresh Parsley in Recipes. Parsley is a popular herb often used in American, European, and Middle Eastern cooking. It is especially good used in great quantities in fresh salads or in soups and sauces. When deciding to to use parsely for cooking, always keep in mind that Fresh parsley is best, be it home grown, or from the store. Fresh parsley would just give you about 59 mg. You can buy apigenin as a supplement. Syn Free Quick Creamy Pasta. To Dehydrate/Dry Parsley in an Air Fryer: Preheat Air Fryer at 360 F for 2 Minutes. Keyword: food preservation, herb drying. The dried parsley will retain its flavor for up to one year. A quick and easy way to dry fresh parsley. Print Rate. dried parsley garlic powder dried basil onion powder dried oregano pepper dried thyme onion garlic parmesan cheese dried dill gluten-free egg-free dairy-free vegan tree nut-free vegetarian kosher pescetarian red meat-free seafood-free lunch dinner soup brunch side sauce salad appetizer bread sandwich Cook the Book: Turkey with Stuffing. Spin dry the parsley using a salad spinner. Pluck / Remove the stems from the parsley. Pat dry or blot as much moisture of the parsley as possible. 3.9 from 11 votes. Place the parsley out on a pan lined with a paper towel. Most chefs and culinary experts agree that it is best not to substitute dried parsley for fresh parsley as the flavor of this common kitchen herb changes quite significantly when it is dried. READ ALSO: 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Dried Parsley. Wash the parsley thoroughly under the tap water. Serious Eats.