Mr Firas Mufti was beyond awesome as well as Keith. It seemed kind of expensive to me but the 0 % interest sold me. Great bed! With the help of your great employees I got exactly what I wanted and needed! He really made sure we were comfortable on our choice, and followed-up to ensure we were happy. Being in Houston, TX, you definitely appreciate that fact. I look forward to many years of waking up pain free. I am a heavy side sleeper and I thought that this dreambed was going to be good for me, but unfortunately, it is way too hot and also my back kills me when I wake up. The cover of the mattress is also a great benefit – it doesn’t interfere with the mattress at all. My sleep has been great to the point my low back pain is minimal and I hold my adjustments much better! Nothing hurt ! I have been suffering from lower back pain here lately and only getting roughly 4 hours of sleep a night. It took like 2 months to break in but the guy warned us it would. The DreamCloud is a medium-firm hybrid mattress made of pocketed innerspring coils, high-density foam, and foam comfort layers. They created DreamFoam to supply extremely low-cost foam mattresses to their customer base. That will be good for the winter time, but I wonder how it will feel in the warmer months. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. getting better as time goes. I've had this bed for a little over a week and I love it! This bed has been a real life saver to me. After trying to bear the pain for a couple of days, my wife drove me to Mattress Firm for help. The total thickness of the mattress is about 10”, which is in-line with the industry standard for foam mattresses. We look forward to going so we can get a good nights sleep!! For those who weigh over 230 pounds, the Medium Firm Arctic Dreams mattress might be your best bet. I cannot believe how much better I feel in the morning. However we have been sleeping well and the mattress is clearly high quality. Sorry we bought these for so much money. I bought this bed in late July. It was an instant success; the only problem was that it cost an outrageous amount of money. It provides the support my entire back needs without being hard, yet it doesn't sag anywhere. I will recommend to everybody. In addition, they offer a lot more variation in mattress sizes when compared to most online mattress providers. I can finally fall asleep in minutes and stay asleep throughout the night. The mattress is made up of three different foam layers – all which have unique characteristics. I hate it. Anyone who has lower back pain will know the ache that you feel all day long. Husband's back pain started within 6 months of purchase. It's just not a huge slab of foam, it's got some feed back that I like. This is good for both your sleeping quality and your back. Make sure to consult your partner with what they think would be most suitable for your mattress before you make any decisions on support levels. As you can see, the entire mattress is made out of foam. If you are a very warm sleeper or live in a warm environment, you may experience some issues with keeping cool. This review focuses on our first-hand experience testing the performance of the DreamCloud Mattress and compares the mattress to similar popular hybrid mattresses. In the winter time it will be heavenly but it the summer time not so great. These mattresses feature all-foam mattress designs that have three layers of foam within. The bedframe with headboard however had some damage. I move to the guest room everynight about 2 am. It also comes with a generous warranty and trial period. Here is what's inside: Layer 1: Dream Cool Active Technology cover provides heat diffusion on the top layer. Good Firm Bed but not as Cool as I hoped. The delivery was supposed to come on a Thursday, but it didn't show up until late the following week. In this review we take a look at the new, updated DreamCloud Premier mattress that recently hit the online market. I had back surgery in Oct, 2017. very nice sleep great on back,wife on her side,stay cool all night.