If you are attempting to draw a face or portrait, knowing which pencils to use and in which order will mean that you are able to produce the very best drawing.. They can also used for shading and special effects. So, what's the difference between the types of pencils? source: amazon.com. As a relatively old tool for writing, pencil developed in time and different types of pencils were invented for different uses. Which are the best pencils to draw a face? But generally, you can use an HB Pencil or softer. Pop a Point Pencils - pencils that have many short pencil tips housed in a cartridge-style plastic holder. image: cultpens.com. This is why we have brought together this list of amazing drawing pencils that are perfect for artists of all levels. Even if your pencil has an eraser on the end, it will be worn down in no time. An H pencil produces a precise and detailed line with ease, its downfall, however, is that it will create a scratchy looking line. Derwent Graphic Pencils combine professional quality with personal convenience. Derwent Graphic Medium Pencils. 2 pencil, and since it is a pencil, it can be used to draw, but yuck, it's not very "artistic", it's so "academic" - don't you think? The short answer is, it depends on the kind of paper, that you are using and what you want to draw. It is important for the creative people who knows that future appearance of their work depends on the quality of the material the pencil is made of to ensure the drawing is exactly same as it is in the ideas with its necessary shapes and volumes. They are used for writing and technical drawing. Some people prefer different hardness types of pencils within the same project depending on whether they are outlining or shading. So Everything between HB and 7B is fine. Picsfive/Getty Images/iStockphoto. Types of Drawing Pencils. So which type of pencil is best for sketching? Amazon.com : Caran D'ache Graphite Line Gift Box Set (3000.415) : Artists Drawing Media : Office Products . Each will sharpen the pencil to a different type of tip, so this will give you a lot of drawing versatility. The pencil you most likely used in grade school was a No. The difference is seen in the type of lead is in the pencil. There are several types of mechanical pencil but all have the same basic purpose which is to allow a pencil lead to be advanced through the point of the pencil and then be held in place so that it can be used to write with. Caran D'Ache Graphite Line Gift box. Various drawing techniques used by artists required a demand for the creation of more than one type of pencils over the time. Erasers aren’t just for do-overs and clean-ups. Eraser.