I am running Win7 and trying to get Donkey Kong Country Returns running. Game is almost perfect at 40-60FPS. You CAN use it as a base to make your own pack for DKCR and release it. Totally playable at 50-60FPS. Locked at 60FPS in DX11 with AA Samples 8 (quality 16), AF x16, and Internal Resolution x4 (2560x2112), at 1920x1080. The only problem I have is when I go to the bunus levels in these sections, the game is very much LAG, can it be solved? Less with OpenGL but 40-60FPS in 1080p. Donkey Kong Country Returns with the classic side-scrolling play that made the original so popular, now rendered with new levels and vibrant 3D environments. Info[/color] I'm releasing my HD textures pack for Donkey Kong Country Returns. Device is set to Gamepad and I can … Donkey Kong Country Returns is the fourth game in the Donkey Kong Country series. This titles bloom lighting renders incorrectly /w resolutions above Native. Thanks a lot. The graph below charts the compatibility with Donkey Kong Country Returns since Dolphin's 2.0 release, listing revisions only where a compatibility change occurred. Click the controllers icon at the top of the Dolphin launcher to summon the controller configuration utility. To all NVIDIA users use OpenGL if your GPU supports it. There's also some minor graphic issues for blast effects and the projection plane with Donkey Kong in it. This time, Diddy Kong joins the adventure, opening up the franchise's first opportunity for simultaneous co-op play. When dipping at 30FPS, audio also start to slightly fuzz and jerk but still is syncronized and constant. Travel through each unique levels with the help of Diddy Kong, and other members of the Kong crew along the way. I used OpenGL after, Perfect. Hi, I'd like to play Donkey Kong Country Return on Dolphin with a Classic Controller configuration (so no shaking, just buttons) So far I've found out that you need to enter a Cheat Code to get this working on the Wii JIT Recompiler, Lock Threads to Cores, DSP HLE emulation, Use EuRGB60 Mode, DIrect3D9:EFB copies-Texture, External Frame Buffer-Disable, Disable Per-Pixel Depth, OpenCL Texture, Disable Fog, OpenMP Texture, VBeam Emulation-on. Hi, guys, I'm really happy with Donkey Kong's texture pack. After atempting last boss multiple times, transition screens (death/enter stage) started to glitch. Enter properties of the game, UNTICK (CORE) Enable MMU/Sync GPU thread/Speed up Disc/vBeam hack, leaving other options default. Perfect. The game was designed only for 16:9 display, but the following Gecko codes will remove the borders from it to allow proper display based on the Wii settings: Notes: The 7th code is the X-FOV and the 9th one is the Y-FOV for the 4:3 setting; The 11th code is the X-FOV and the 14th code is the Y-FOV for the 16:9 aspect setting. You must traverse through the vast jungles, deep mines, and high mountains to retrieve your stolen banana hoard from King K. Rool. Almost perfect. Just some minor lag. 35-60FPS (depending on "busy" parts) with following option changes. The screen just froze there every time, and the emulator couldn't recover. I have VBeam Emulation on .. with this 50-60FPS, Perfect. 60FPS constants avec Vsync, en Open GL 1080p AA x4. In Donkey Kong Country Returns on Dolphin 5.0-12247 x64, I've discovered a recurring freeze on stage 1-5 Canopy Cannons. (01-25-2017, 10:09 AM) CTCaer Wrote: Donkey Kong Country Returns HD Textures Mod - v1.4 [color=#993333]1. 326. So far I've configured a Standard Controller under Port 1. When Donkey Kong's banana stash is stolen, he goes on a quest to get them back.